Blizzard have recently confirmed in Blizzcon 2010 that

“all key dungeon quest givers will now be located just inside the dungeon entrance. You will no longer have to beg your party to share their quests with you, or make your way to a dungeon only to find you haven’t completed a mandatory quest chain. Cataclysm dungeon maps currently show the dungeon layout and locations of bosses, 4.1 will allow players to find a host of new information for each boss, including 3D boss portraits, the lore behind the encounter, a full loot list, and a breakdown of boss abilities (by phase, if applicable).”

This is great news for players to make things easier, but providing the mandatory quest chain and also maps was the core content of our Dungeon Leveling Guide, and this leaves us with an uncertain future for our Dungeon guide. We did know about the quest givers inside dungeons earlier on, but it wasn’t clear whether Blizzard would add additional quest chains for dungeons or not and it has only been confirmed recently at Blizzcon that this is the new permanent game design.

Currently in the Beta the Outland and Northrend dungeons quests are still the same as the current game on live, however it could change later to be the same as the rest of Cataclysm dungeons. The level 1-60 dungeons have all changed which is what we expected but this is also means that there won’t be a need for a Dungeon guide for 1-60 because no quest chains are required.

However we still have plans to update the Dungeon Guides for Cataclysm with as much content as we can add, such as Video guides in HD and in-game walkthrough, boss strategies with maps & screenshots, and these updates will be free to our current Dungeon Guide owners but it won’t be available for sometime after Cataclysm is released by Blizzard.

The reason we are closing sales of the Dungeon Guides now is because we don’t want people purchasing our dungeon guide only for it to become obsolete a week after their purchase, we will be selling the guide again once our updates are complete.


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    • Topi

      Hi Dugi,
      I’ve been playing WoW since.. umm.. before any new worlds were opened (2002). I love your guides. For those of you who just recently purchased any of Dugi’s guides use them now and enjoy them. You will be glad you did. They are more than worth the money you paid for them, trust me. Without them many of us would have not enjoyed playing as much, seeing as much content and reaped huge benefits.
      Dugi, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. I’m sure that there will be more for you to do for us when Cat comes out and I do look forward to it.
      Hugs and warm thoughts to all of you!!

    • Vaughn

      I hope they only do this for Cata dungeons. As for being dumded down I agree. This is a noob friendly game compared to a lot of other MMO’s out there.I started playing back before BC came out and I was blowing thru everything cause questing was so easy. Now they are making it even easier with quest givers inside the entrance to dungeons. Yea sometimes had to find the quest or do a chain, but it was still pretty easy. The best thing they did so far was the dungeon selector. Used to have to wait an hour or 2 to get a group together or pay someone to run me thru.

    • Rob Yale

      This is an unfortunate development for Dugi. I commend him for being mindful of his customers’ perspectives and taking the guide off the market until all is revealed.

      Anyone who feels put upon by this development should realize they can get more than their money’s worth by using Dugi’s guide until the game mechanics change.


    • John Harrington


      I believe that I, and everyone else, has received what we paid for. I bought the guide to help me level and to make sense of some of the confusing things Blizz does. I thank you for your hard work and am happy with my purchase (I have everything you offer). Thanks for being upfront to new customers, it shows integrity and class. Keep up the good work


    • Colin

      On first reading this my first reaction was I’VE BEEN CONNED INTO BUYING Dungeon & Achievement guide, and was going to ask for re-fund on Achievement guide, as its still within 60days.
      But on speaking with fellow guild members(one who is editor of P C Gamer magazine) I change my opinion, even they do not no whats going on with Cataclysm,
      As Ive used both guides and achieved what your guides says will do I am keeping them.
      Dugi I hope when this mess is sorted you support your Clients and supporters especially those who purchased these guides


    • Per

      Thank you for the info, i just bought your dungeon guide this weekend, well atleast i can use it till cata goes live and hopefully ill find use for the updated guide once its finished.

      Btw. great guide so far 🙂

    • Julia McNaughton

      Perhaps you could give those of us that already purchased the Dungeon Guide with the opportunity to either keep it or exchange it for the Professions Guide!

      • Eric Roeloffs

        Maybe you could give us the option of picking another one of your great guides if all you add to the guide is video guides that we could easily get on youtube. Even if it is only 1-60 leveling guide it would seem fair to me atleast because it really wasn’t in your hands.

        • Dugi

          The update is something that we intend to sell as a product, it won’t be something that you can get for free. We have more ideas, but would prefer not to disclose everything right now.

    • Lee


      I leveled up my shaman healer using your Dungeon guide. It allowed me to see inside a bunch of instances I had missed previously.

      One suggestion would be to change this to a Lore guide. What I mean is there is a lot of background information on what is going on in an instance and why that gets missed by the casual player or those being “helped” by others. I note any number of lead in quests explain the background lore.

      Anyways, thought that might be something.

    • dramdennis

      I’m not impressed with the dumbing down of the game either. I’m loosing intrest all ready. Because of the new talent tree I believe the toons lost a lot of thier individuality. Like what was said earlier, I am disappointed about buying the dungeon guide also but I guess the game is going to change. I can’t blame Dugi for that. As far as playing anymore myself, The game is getting too easy for me already! I like the challange.

      • John

        Though I can understand that people may feel that the game is being dumb down it’s actually not changing much for higher lvl players. They’re making the game more “noob” friendly because WoW is a very unfriendly game for low lvl new players, unless you’re going into the game with a veteran player who can show you the ropes. As for the talent tree providing individuality, there hasn’t been individuality in a long time. Most people just look up online the most popular talent build and copy that.

      • taxzombie

        I agree with the dumbing down comment. When I first played WOW you had to get to 40 before you got a mount, there was a quest for the paladin mount what while a total pita got you a sweet mount. You had to work for stuff and I use to have a feeling of accomplishment from the game. And when I first started playing they were already dumbing it down. I not one for raids or repeating dailies time again. I enjoy lvling and doing dungeons and while I appreciate the dungeon group finder I’ve also found out there are WAY too many prima donas on WOW which has also lessened the pleasure of the game. I’ll get Cat when comes out, but I’m stuck wondering if it isn’t becoming too much of a cake walk. Yea, those quests chains were a pain but hey, they also made it so, once again I felt like I had done something. Getting the hammer for Zul, or the key quest. Now it will be like you step through the door and a guy/gal hands you a packet, big whoop. ****, it’s to the point where I’m thinking why bother to play. Not into PVP so really what’s left for folks like me?

        As for Dugi, you’re A1 in my book. Keep up the good work.

    • Westley Jerdon

      Hmm….. well that kind of stinks….. This is the reason I spent $157 on this and the achievement guide…… now they want to do this? …… hmmm…… the dungeon guide now seems like I wasted my money…….

    • Kailash

      Thanks Dugi for this info,

      I have just purchased the alli-leveling and A-H achiv.etc… and was about to buy the dungeon guide as well.
      I will wait til upgraded version now.

      Thanks for an absolutely splendid work!

    • Scubapez

      Many Thanks Dugi for bringing up this info, keep up the good work mate.

      When you update the Cata dungeon guide, are those who already purchased the original dungeon guide going to get a free cata guide update m8?

      I think this is another example of Blizz “dumbing down” WoW to make things easier in-game to help compete with some of its competition! (but i think the end result will be they will lose interest in the game!)

    • Chillian

      I dont think there’s a problem with this. “We” wanted to have some control in our “uncertain” future, and you provided that. The future is here, and there are various changes, and you have clarified that. As “Terry” said above, this is what makes (Dugi), we ask, you provide, then you make sure we know whatz correct or not. “We” will still be here, there probably be tons of changes, etc., etc., but at least we know, we heard it from you first.

      Over and above all . “Thank you”.

    • Brandon

      this is very disappointing as this was the main reason why i even purchased the guide to begin with… because i had no knowledge of how many or the location of the quests for each of the dungeons…

      has there even been any consideration about refunding the purchase price back to the customer????

      because with the quest givers at the front entrance i literally have no reason to own this particular guide anymore…

      • johnteske

        uh Brandon,

        you said: “because i had no knowledge of how many or the location of the quests for each of the dungeons…”

        son, we are all in the same boat,, and I for won’t blame Dugi for changes out of his control

        He even took the step of taking his product off the market when he found out out about it, how many others can you say that about ?

        man up son, and quit whinning like a wounded troll

        • Brandon

          i understand your position and how you feel… however, when we all bought the guide it was from the understanding that this would basically be the new fastest way to level and now that Blizzard has made this easier and faster than ever i feel like there is a certain responsibility of the retail market to give back to the customer when they are unsatisfied…

          how would you like to go into best buy and try to return something only to have them tell you that you can’t because they no longer carry it… even if you were still inside the companies return period.

          i don’t feel like i’m asking too much…

          and in fact i’m basically trying to put money back in your pocket that you’ve waisted… so forgive me if i seem harsh but i would have expected gratitude instead of flaming … far be it from me to try to do something nice for strangers….

          • Dugi

            We clearly state with our 60 days guarantee that you are entitled to full refund if you are unhappy for whatever reason, simply contact webmaster at for a refund instruction.

            This is not the end of the Dungeon Guide and we will update it for Cataclysm.

      • mark

        I think you should read into this story…there is a release coming up of Cataclysm and this is most likely why the game is not being sold until further notice.

    • Thespios

      Thanks for the info, and keep up the good work!

    • yaniv romano

      thank you GREAT MAN for the person you are

    • paul mc

      thanks for the info Dugi.. keep up alll the hard work mate . look foward to all your new guides

    • Terry Waltz

      Thank You for the Info… This is what makes you ( Dugi ) the class act that you are.. Keep up the GREAT job.
      I’ll be looking for the update..

    • Flavinus

      Will be lookingforward to your updated guide.

    • Dugi

      Sorry I had comments off by accident earlier.

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