We have uploaded the in-game Talent Guide update for patch 4.0.1 and you can download the latest Talented files in our download page


Once you have installed the addon and our template you should notice that there is now new tab in your Talent frame (see screenshot below)

The Talented addon is still a working progress and it is still missing the options to resize and move the Talent frame and because of this you may encounter some problem accessing the templates.

If you do encounter this problem, a temporary solution is to lower your UI scale in your Game Menu > Video > Advanced settings.  (refer to screenshot)

Once you have done that you should be able to access our Templates by selecting the Talented tab in your Talent frame and select the Template menu.

Unfortunately Hunter pet talents is not yet supported.

    25 replies to "In-Game Talent Guide Update Now Available"

    • David Reed

      Since the change to an all-in-one download the link to the talent templates doesn’t seem to work and they don’t seem to be in the all-in-one download either. Anyone know where I can get the templates?

    • Aprilstar

      Great Dugi, thanks for your suggestions Dugi they work well ^_* , I can’t wait wait for Cataclysm to come out. Hooray!

    • darkShorn

      There is an easy solution to this problem. All you have to do is reselect the part of the guide you’re currently in and it will re-tick everything you’ve accomplished so far. I.E. suppose you are questing in Wetlands at lvl 26 or whatever… regardless of whether you’re using the leveling guide or the dungeon guide all you have to do is go to the tab you’re using whether it be leveling or dungeon and click on the guide you’re already using. After that all the missing ticks will show up.

    • dramdennis

      Sorry, my mistake. Curse is a little behind. The most current verson is r676 that came out 5 days ago.

    • dramdennis

      It looks like talented just came out with an update 2.4.6c. You will be able to import templates right from blizzard talent calculator, wowhead or wowdb. There is an alpha release on wowace according to curse.

    • Bobby

      When I get killed in the game and then go and rez body why do I have to check the quests again that i already done to get back up to date with current leveling guide. Tks

      • Dugi

        That shouldn’t happen.. make sure you are using the latest version of the guide. Try using the reset and reload button.

    • Lisa Kirk

      I can’t get this going to save my life. I’ve installed it as directed, but it’s just not there 🙁

      • Dugi

        Try installing Talented and the Template seperately instead of at the same time using the installer.

    • Marty

      It seems that none of the templets are loading when accessing them. Any thoughts?

    • Herman

      I have all the guides of Zygor and Dugis, and the main profit of Dugis’ is the possibility to do quests per area. Zygor is no longer depending on external addons like Tomtom or Talented. If i was selling guides, i wouldnt want to be depending on other peoples free programs, so there’s an idea for you. Btw, I very much liked the vendor run, great how you come up with such ideas :).

    • Steve

      Dugi you did great my friend! thanks for fixing talented, its another one of those addons i love to use ..and with time running out before Cataclysm starts, the proffesions a achievement addon is a GREAT help..thanks again


    • Sam Wagner

      You have to download the new talented guide and the origional one

    • Graeme Murray

      I just tryed the talented and try to re size it but cant get it to work at all…

    • Sam Wagner

      It did not work for me. Can you please help?

      • Sam Wagner

        Don’t worry about it i fixed it =P

    • Ðeceased

      it’s ok, but in my opinion Zygor’s talent and lvling guides are much better, i use dugi’s guides for the dailies and ach’s help 🙂 good work tho

    • GHC

      Sorry Dugi but this is the only thing Zygor makes a lot better. I hate talented…

      • Tom teh Thumbiter

        Yahoo! I love you’re mods Dugi.
        And I like Zygor’s version of Talent Managemtn a little better which is why I bought it too.

    • Rod

      on ya Dugi

    • Isisnova

      I just wanted to say thank you! I can’t wait to try it out!

    • Dwkettle

      Can we get a in game gold guide made please and a in game flying mount guide. Also some times in the leveling guide going from point A to point B the way point arrow doesn’t let us know it wants us to go under ground or it sends me in to the side of a cave can we get that fixed so that it leads us to the entrance of where we need to go first thank you.

      • Dugi

        The Cataclysm update will provide better routes with ant trail,

        • Robert Smith

          I need help logging in. Site doesn’t reconize my email and i can’t remember my user name. please fix this, I get the news letter all the time.

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