Blizzard have recently confirmed in Blizzcon 2010 that

“all key dungeon quest givers will now be located just inside the dungeon entrance. You will no longer have to beg your party to share their quests with you, or make your way to a dungeon only to find you haven’t completed a mandatory quest chain. Cataclysm dungeon maps currently show the dungeon layout and locations of bosses, 4.1 will allow players to find a host of new information for each boss, including 3D boss portraits, the lore behind the encounter, a full loot list, and a breakdown of boss abilities (by phase, if applicable).”

This is great news for players to make things easier, but providing the mandatory quest chain and also maps was the core content of our Dungeon Leveling Guide, and this leaves us with an uncertain future for our Dungeon guide. We did know about the quest givers inside dungeons earlier on, but it wasn’t clear whether Blizzard would add additional quest chains for dungeons or not and it has only been confirmed recently at Blizzcon that this is the new permanent game design.

Currently in the Beta the Outland and Northrend dungeons quests are still the same as the current game on live, however it could change later to be the same as the rest of Cataclysm dungeons. The level 1-60 dungeons have all changed which is what we expected but this is also means that there won’t be a need for a Dungeon guide for 1-60 because no quest chains are required.

However we still have plans to update the Dungeon Guides for Cataclysm with as much content as we can add, such as Video guides in HD and in-game walkthrough, boss strategies with maps & screenshots, and these updates will be free to our current Dungeon Guide owners but it won’t be available for sometime after Cataclysm is released by Blizzard.

The reason we are closing sales of the Dungeon Guides now is because we don’t want people purchasing our dungeon guide only for it to become obsolete a week after their purchase, we will be selling the guide again once our updates are complete.


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      thx for info dugi keep the good work

    • darkShorn

      I bought into Dugi’s guide(s) early on. Initially I was slightly disappointed, but as time passed and he kept improving his product that initial disappointment turned into something more like profound gratitude. He has done excellent work since he started over 3+ yrs ago. (I don’t really know exactly when he first put his guide on the market, but I got in very close to the beginning). I have since purchased every guide he has put out. I have used the dungeon guide and I am quite happy with it. It is still quite useful and will be up until Dec 7 this year. Anyone using the dungeon guide and playing 2-3 hours 5 days a week will easily get 1 or 2 level 80s (starting from lvl 1!) out of it, as long as they don’t allow themselves to get distracted.

      Anyone that just barely purchased the guide can take advantage of Dugi’s 60 day guarantee. I for one wouldn’t want to get my money back for it, because it’s still far less than the cost of 2 power leveled to 80 characters you might purchase from the sites that say they’ll do the leveling for you, and far less risky as well. The dungeon guide(s) are just one of the guides Dugi offers and all of the others retain their full value to a WoW player. I understand some might want their money back, but I’m more intrigued by what Dugi might do to make the dungeon guide retain it’s value after the changes — even if that means I’ll have to wait a while.

      And to Dugi – thanks for a job well done and for maintaining an attitude of both dignity and integrity through past difficulties you (and perhaps “we” as well) have encountered with putting and keeping your guide(s) on the market for us.

    • Alby ***

      When the patch 4.1 will be releases?

    • BazZur

      Hey Dugi and command posters,

      I really disepointed that i lost my money now where i spare 3 months for (yes, im 15) but you also have done youre work and make this guide. There is no any reason to give the money back cuz you work very hard for it and if you give all the money back you have done everything for nothing. I really like it that you’re gonna do a update for cataclysm en it’s sounds great. And I do got a tip for you that you maybe can use: You can just continue sell the guide but set it with red and bold text that its gonna get updated a other way and set the things with it.

      After all, thanks for the great guides and you’re a fair person :).

    • beentheredonethat

      I can attest to how well the dungeon guide works if you understand every step and stick to it, and maybe read ahead a little. I got my first 5 80’s ever from it, and I loved having done that it under a month (I had a lot of time to kill, and I got twink gear for most of my leveling toons after my first 80 pali) and all the other features (yeah, I bought everything in the end =P) were amazing, I’ve made amounts of gold that would make my friends heads spin if they ever found out, lol, but I do think the whole system is getting a little too easy after patch 4, it’s clever, but not entirely welcome to veterans.

      But I do think (don’t want to sound greedy) that there should be some manner of trade off to those who bought the dungeon guide and won’t be able to use it until the new version comes out. Or, alternatively, grant them at least a free update to the new guide when you guys do do your amazing thing and get the next set up ready, I mean, it only seems fair, ya know?


    • hi

      Dugi should give everyone something fun to everyone that boght the guide

    • Someonedeath

      Well, I was going to buy this but just heard that it’s worthless. WELL I FOUND OUT IT”S NOT! even though cata has 2 months before it starts, this guide is good. All my friends use it. The 2months of this guide is worth it. Put it back on the market but leave a note.
      -Wow name Someonedeath on dawnbringer

    • tarumedy

      I can honestly say that I’m very happy with all the guides that I have gotten here. I saw the headlines here and my first thought was…ok who’s screwing with Dugi this time =D Well, apparently its Blizz and theres no way to change that but I still use my dungeon guide, I am currently working on a 71 rogue and a 56 warlock (hopefully #7 and 8 lvl 80 before Cat) There’s still plenty of game left before Cat but I look forward to any new updates you have for us. You have been amazing!!

      As for dumbing the game down, I wouldnt object to making the game a little harder…then maybe we can get rid of the elitists that will kick my raf friend out of a lvl 15 dungeon for saying, “sorry, I’m new to the game.”

    • karen dorich

      dugi…i just started reading the information you have been sending me for almost two months now…i am amazed at how its helped make the game easier to undersatand for me. I was going to buy the new guide…and once the new one with the revisions comes out i will try to purchase it. keep up the good work, you really do help all the newbees get the most out of the game…let me know when the new one comes out…wow name gothicanna

    • Sean

      Thanks for all the hard work guys.

    • Paul Torrevillas

      at first I was outraged when reading the post…thinking…WHAT?!!! So I basically lost the money I spent to buy the guide to render not useful not even a year after purchase? Then towards the end….I smiled. Thanks…looking for your updates and run throughs. That will be great.

    • Beholden

      Dugi, I am happy with your guides. Game changes can’t be blamed on you. Looking forward to updates.

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