This is a major update that should fix some critical bugs with the DugiGuideViewerZ addon.

It is important for all DugiGuides users to update to the latest v4.33 addon.

  • Fixed Smallframe Tooltip error
  • Fixed performance issue that may reduce your FPS
    when using the guide.
  • Old waypoints will automatically be removed if
    player arrive to waypoint too early.
  • Ant trail will redraw a new path if user manually
    remove a waypoint.

The following guides have also been updated,
details of the changes, are noted in the changelog.

  • Alliance Leveling Guides
    Alliance Dungeon Guides
    Alliance Achievement & Profession Guides
  • Horde Leveling Guides
    Horde Dungeon Guides
    Horde Achievement & Profession Guides

– Dugi

    14 replies to "DugiGuides v4.33 Update"

    • Blair Chick

      Hey Dugi!! Really really love the guides. Doing vendor runs..just a couple of things for you to look into. In the Eastern Kingdom run the Aldren Clother Camp navigation spot comes up in Hillsbrad Hills instead of WP.

      In the Outland Alliance guide, the last spot is Arrond, but he is a horde vendor.

      hopes this helps with an EXCELLENT product.

    • T E

      Hey Dugi,
      I keep getting a lua everytime I do Daily in Grizzly. I get the quest but when I’m done I can’t get my rewards. Blizz said to take out my add-ons and reinstall old original wow. It works and this is frustrating. Do you know if I’m alone or is there any fix that I try?

      Thanks I enjoy and recommend your products,


      • Dugi

        copy and paste the the lua error to webmaster at and we’ll take a look if its something we can help.

    • jdgog3907

      I just loaded the new version and it seem as though some content is missing? Perhaps I have done something wrong, but I don’t see any content for Speed Gold Runs, or Argent Tournaments and in each category that does contain content, the options seem to have gone down (missing zones or professions for example). Any thoughts?

      • Dugi

        Make sure you also reinstall all your paid guides.

      • Karnevil

        I see the same things missing – Speed Gold Runs, or Argent Tournaments and in each category that does contain content – i deleted the entire addons directory and started over with the new versions downloaded from the site here and it is still missing.

        • Jess B

          If you deleted the entire addon you need to reinstall all the paid guides aswell, not just the addon.

          • Karnevil

            Did all of that, reinstalled the entire paid addon and still get the same missing Speed Gold Runs and Argent Tournaments, for some reason they still show missing, all other addons that have been updated and i reinstall run fine without missing info/data

        • Dugi

          Sorry about that, the Horde files got mixed up with the Alliance files, please reinstall the Horde guide

    • Dugi

      We will look into it, thank you for reporting.

    • ziggywilldo

      Sorry Dugi.. way point for Westfall Cetenal Hill is way off.. put’s you in Raven Hill Cemitary. Not being a pain.. just trying to help out.

    • ziggywilldo

      Oh Oh.. missed the Inn in Rachet as well Dugi, Hallow’send achievements quest guide.

    • ziggywilldo

      also noticed that although the global events are anual.. the guide picks up your completed points from the year before.. even after clearing the guide when you log out and then back it.. it auto detects your completions from the year before. Any way to correct that problem for global events?

    • ziggywilldo

      Hey ya Dugi

      In the events guide under the holloween world event the guide has left out the in in Theramore island.

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