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Hi everyone! Dugi Guides 4.7000 update is now available.

It is important that you update to the latest version of Dugi Guides, please take the time to update now by using our installer available in our download page below


For members make sure you enter your username and password in the settings menu of our installer or else your guide won’t get updated to the latest build.

This new update includes…

* New Auto Quest Accept and Turn-in feature. It is enabled by default, you can turn it off in the settings menu or hold Shift when you accept or turn-in a quest.
* Waypoint distance now displayed in meters instead of yards for non US client.
* Waypoint time of arrival is now displayed next to the distance.
* Grey waypoint icon is displayed for steps without waypoints.
* Fixed a variety of bugs with the waypoint system.

And the last couple of weeks we also released several large updates to the guides.

* Added Thunder Bluff and Undercity Cooking & Fishing daily quest guides.
* Added Darnassus and Ironforge Cooking & Fishing daily quest guides.

* Major Update for Alliance 60-80 Outland & Northrend guide to make them as high quality as our Cataclysm guide, we have rebuilt the entire guide from the ground up, the Horde guide will be updated next.

* Updated Dungeon Guide to 4.1 level range since Blizzard lowered the level requirements for level 10-58 Dungeons.

And its not over yet… that is all I can say right now 🙂


    48 replies to "Dugi Guides 4.7000 Update"

    • Zagrathia

      Well done sir!

    • Janetta Scott

      ok, i had to logg out of WOW and log back in. Now it’s working.

      • Snake94115

        typing /load should work too.

    • janetta007

      My waypoint is not working. I’ve tried /dg reset, now what?

    • roy milligan

      i have even tried rolling back to version 4.6406

      • Dugi

        which issue are you having? is it the waypoint missing or is it “unable to place waypoint” ?

        One should be fixed with /dg reset, the other should be fixed with 4.7004

        did you enter your username and password with the installer and clicked repair?

        please take a screenshot and open a ticket https://www.ultimatewowguide.com/support/

        • roy milligan

          thks for the fix
          was contacted by one of your staff and she helped me repair the issue…thankyou for the rapid response.


      i lost my dugi quest info onscreen ..how do i reset it when i can find it on screen?
      i’ve uninstalled then reinstalled but it still gone.

      • Dugi

        type /dg reset in the game

        • ROY MILLIGAN

          that did not work.
          it said “unable to place waypoint”
          more help needed!

          • Dugi

            update to 4.7004 and type /dg reset

            • roy milligan

              i have updated to 4.7004 already and it still does not fix this issue.

    • globeboy

      right click on dugis quest …then open settings tab …then uncheck “Auto quest accept “

    • Martin Keene

      How do i access settings to turn off the auto-turn in?

      • Dugi

        Click on the settings tab and untick the Auto Quest Accept option.

    • Keith Hopper

      I updated to the latest version of the in game guide and now half the time the way point arrow is pointing at the area where the plants versus zombie quest chain is at. Nothing I seem to do will fix this problem. Though other than that the guide is working fine.

      • Dugi

        Reinstall the guide you may have installed while we were in the middle of uploading the new update.

    • stonemagic

      and it says my addons is getting trouble…. and recomends to desactive them.

      But i just have the dugi and talented addons installed.. not anymore… and the tom tom have not installed

    • stonemagic

      The arrow doesnt works, it show something really weird but not an arrow picture

      • Dugi

        Try reinstalling the guide.


          I reinstalled the guide.. and instead the arrow, i see multiple mini arrows…

          2011-05-23 00:05:17
          ID: 1
          Error occured in: Global
          Count: 1
          Message: ..\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\arrow.lua line 706:
          attempt to index local ‘tomtomway’ (a number value)
          [C]: ?
          [C]: RemoveWaypoint()
          …terface\AddOns\ManaCore\Components\Guide\Mapping.lua:95: ParseAndMapCoords()
          (tail call): ?
          [C]: pcall()

          • Dugi

            You need to Disable ManaCore addon if you’re going to use Dugi Guides and also you need to update your TomTom to the latest version as the one you’re using is very old and still use the old mapping system.

    • betsy

      I cannot find how to turn off auto turn/accept in the settings

      • betsy


    • Aprilstar

      Thank you very much Dugi and Staff for all the hard work on updating UWG. I hope that the talent guide works well now too. 😀

    • auto

      I updated today, now when i click for quest hand in or to take a quest its automatic and not good when trying to hand in multiple to same ncp.

    • Ragadam

      Dugi rules..

    • David N

      ‘May 21 the Day the World Ended’ but not the World of Warcraft!!

      Thanks Dugi and for the Pet too!!

    • Shmrkalj

      Here’s just a short thanks from Croatia.
      Although I’m playing WOW for about four years, your guide is helping me lvl up few of my new caraters.
      With this new update finally I can auto complete quests so gamplay will be more fluid.
      Thumbs up for all changes made in the guide.

    • Nobby

      Appreciate all ur hard work. Thank you Dugi, to you and your Team

    • Michael Wimmer II

      Tom Tom isn’t working with new update. Says can’t place waypoint.

      • Michael Wimmer II

        Oddly, it just fixed itself somehow, but the error is still showing up on initial login.

        • Dugi

          what is the error that you’re seeing? we no longer use TomTom so this maybe a TomTom issue.

    • Wywy

      Thank you Dugi for keeping current with ongoin wow chnges

    • Ambleball

      Hi All,

      s always very nice, thank you.

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