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Hi everyone! Dugi Guides 4.7000 update is now available.

It is important that you update to the latest version of Dugi Guides, please take the time to update now by using our installer available in our download page below


For members make sure you enter your username and password in the settings menu of our installer or else your guide won’t get updated to the latest build.

This new update includes…

* New Auto Quest Accept and Turn-in feature. It is enabled by default, you can turn it off in the settings menu or hold Shift when you accept or turn-in a quest.
* Waypoint distance now displayed in meters instead of yards for non US client.
* Waypoint time of arrival is now displayed next to the distance.
* Grey waypoint icon is displayed for steps without waypoints.
* Fixed a variety of bugs with the waypoint system.

And the last couple of weeks we also released several large updates to the guides.

* Added Thunder Bluff and Undercity Cooking & Fishing daily quest guides.
* Added Darnassus and Ironforge Cooking & Fishing daily quest guides.

* Major Update for Alliance 60-80 Outland & Northrend guide to make them as high quality as our Cataclysm guide, we have rebuilt the entire guide from the ground up, the Horde guide will be updated next.

* Updated Dungeon Guide to 4.1 level range since Blizzard lowered the level requirements for level 10-58 Dungeons.

And its not over yet… that is all I can say right now 🙂


    48 replies to "Dugi Guides 4.7000 Update"

    • Korchoon

      The locked arrow on my toons keeps moving – not during the game seems to happen when switching toons or logging off then back on again?

      • Dugi

        each character (toon) have their own setting, if you set the position and lock on one it doesn’t do the same for the other toon. Although it should remember the position and lock status if you log off properly by clicking Log Off or Exit Game button instead of forcefully closing your WoW window by or ALT-F4

    • daniel

      hi i need help i have download it and do i need to do a nye acc help

    • Bladeyama

      As alway love your guys work. Excellent idea on the auto accept quests its cool for when your doing dailies when an NPC has a bunch of quest to give you.

    • Zjain

      My waypoint arrow still shows Yards and not meters, even though im from EU…??

      • Dugi

        are you playing on US server? when you hover over a skill tooltip eg shoot does it say 5-30yd or 5-30m ?

        • klaus Jakobsen

          I’m playing on an EU server, but when hovering over skill, it says yd…

          • Dugi

            well if the skill is in yd and the arrow is in yd then its working correctly.

            • klaus Jakobsen

              but I’d like it in meters… Is it possible to get an switch butten…?

            • Dugi

              yes it is, not sure when it will be done.
              Although I would recommend just using the yd so that you’re used to the distance unit in wow. Australians have to put up with the same thing, we use meters yet blizzard force us to use yards because we have to use the US client.

    • mikeart

      Your guides are just amazing, I have leveled up with out the guide, and by part using it and blizzards in built guides, now i am just using your guides for a new character, and now i am getting so much more fun out of WOW just by using your guide, the new update is a masterpiece, thanks so much guys and gals, I am 64 years old and feel like a kid again, just need some hippy characters, to make it complete !!

    • Julius

      How do i get it to new version and my waypoint it has go away and i have tryed to reinstall dugi guides and /dg reset help me

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