I’m sorry this took so long to be announced,

Suprisingly Blizzard made me jump hoops just to give $2000 to purchase these pets.

When we purchased 200 pets within an hour their alarm bells must have went off and thought that my account was comprimised and so they locked my account and removed all the pet codes that we originally purchased. So I had to ring them up and explained to them what I was trying to do and why.

The Blizzard support staff was a bit confused and I had to get clearance from the ‘finance’ team to make the bulk purchase.

Well we have just finished delivering the pet codes to all the winners. Check the list below to see if you are a winner then check your Private Message box right now in the forum to retrieve your pet codes.

Congratulations to all the winners, enjoy your pet!


worldcitizen acrespo
shjordan destroy88
moffettc Bentley2009
jimwidmer Wolfae
tmgrogan DMCarr
ringswraith LongJak
brokenspark Meredori
coopaloop Corrinne
mogelijk Aangels_Whispers
Rickilove WoWC
baril Flidornhan
Djmprov jelaza
caedus Queteb
feemac rawrness007
fish86 machmooner
janetta007 tstafford4874
yuzippy Kinda
Searchdiver DTro91
wizard2537 kenshop
gorfchris yangag
kier arezite
Azzellon tonythetiger
gamester366 dew1960
Dobes Cazicten40
Athrox25 geminivoice
petra1000 jundosmack
wfenwick Layinpipe
Layinpipe skeletonjill
1luckyblonde Kalibtch
tobiano Soulxtract
Roadhouse jennerich
strife_57 kandersen
almostangelic silke
darcom Loritor
Hexrapper salemswrath
davidmarclee Phantomrebel
spiritwolf Daverov
mpd7675 Moonwind
notoys mufferz
Waraven BishopBE
corky arsyesis
Raspyoftow Kasta
PigtailsofDoom jeroenms
hatell ServantOfDreams
sabercycle Wintrow
fluffyx13 rekman
murrum tomeku
Wacos Sparky2372
necrosniper atholeas
Mengland Gokken
niceguy_ton DarkOrb
digichan serialkil
Lleathe mueboe
matlennon paulaner
Clearwaterbiker barryjw
ChoirPower roedierobeer
jimbo Gorman81
Pidgin Neraq
Uniquemami painkiller45
Ursacmav mickwerb
Pirateian3 griz
Dbowl hexalues
Kasmyn Lozdog
jabrown9 Seljehammer
Sionell jitsbo
waiteman allenhou
jockangel Wiggle
Hypnotist81 Larhf
Therrev jeroenms
Thiassi Fedoraa
Necraeon cashdash
Maarc strongy
brunofranca Eviltom27
mewing513 Isabell
toocool739 Vulkean1
suaay rooroo
BlackJackSun nwales
Creea binky
raistlon Dippy17
jewl Palkiake
meeshko Cuolun
Admiera dave_scott
Cyber2199 Framus
ashnarus curzax01
Ziggywilldo jhvoers
scrmin Whiteron
bbinion jsotcar
jackbytor gungner11
sameer3366 Carax
GrandmaJAM Unwise
Kerpyx robdog4444
skeetdill123 JHT29
dmw_43 Gazzamctazza
ets51801 Jayhawk
Aprilstar Apollis
weedufus Paradox
JeeperDarren Wonub
happy002 flymylife
Rafreal Malak4060
Rozelle4 spyler

    49 replies to "Winners of the Cenarion Hatchling Draw"

    • philip hviid

      didnt wown 🙁 but gz to all winenrs 😀

    • malak4060

      Man I won xD didnt think I would. Anyways thanks Dugi! and congrats to evryone else who won one of these awesome pets

    • Christophe BURDEYRON

      Thank you Dugi !

    • ashnarus

      Thanks Dugi!!!

    • Smokeyduna

      congratulations to everyone who won. Well done Dugi !!!

    • Link1991

      Congrats to all the winners! ^^ I may not have won one, but I ended up buying my own knowing that the money went to a good cause. 🙂

      Again, it was a wonderful idea, Dugi! You rock!

    • Gary Bruce

      Thanks Dugi, and congratz to all the winners. As soon as I finish my mission here in Juba, and get home to Bonnie Scotland, I’ll collect my pet. As always, keep up the excellent work…

    • Sebastian Sibaja

      gratz to the winners, sad I didnt won, but w/e

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