Some people are experiencing a bug with Dugi Guides where the addon keep unticking steps that you have already done.

This is likely due to the Shattering transition from the old guide and quests which create a conflict with your old WoW Cache and SavedVariables file.

Please follow these steps below to fix the error.

  1. Exit wow
  2. Find and Delete the folder World of Warcraft\Cache
  3. Enter WoW
  4. Make sure Dugi Guides Viewer v4.40 and TomTom are installed and ticked in the addons selection menu.
  5. Enter the game
  6. In your chat bar type ‘/dg fix’ and press enter
  7. And type ‘/reload’ and press enter

Hopefully this will resolve the unticking problem for good.

– Dugi

    32 replies to "Bug Update: Dugi Guides Unticking Completed Steps"

    • Dugi

      Thread closed please follow the new solution here

    • nick zelderloo

      i hope it will be fixed soon and thx for the work dugi!

    • Dugi

      We manage to create the problem consistently are making progress.

    • Dugi

      we are working at every waking moment to fix this issue, we are still trying to pin point the problem as its quite random.

      just doing /reload will fix the guide temporarily.

    • Battle

      Dugi this is still a major issue. In the guide for Northern Barrens it is really distracting having to keep clicking a quest over and over that I have done. Then to log out, delete my cache, log back in and start over. Can you please fix this soon?

    • Stuttbein

      I just keep the big guide window open, scroll down to the part where i really am, and just press the green buttons to get the arrow to point where i want it to. It’s a nice workaround, without much of a hassle.

    • staz

      Thanks for the info, however this solution did not work for me. I followed you directions exactly & I’m up to date on all Dugi’s downloads but when i type “/dg fix” i get an error message. What should I try next?

      On another note, when I try to install tom tom via dugi installer I get an error saying “unable to create file C:\….\….\tom tom/.pkgmeta” obviously this is due to the “/” in the path. I tried installing it manually but it still wouldn’t unzip that file correctly. Tom Tom seems to be working fine though maybe its still old version running. Please help, having to re-tick after every step is driving me crazy. Thanks for the support keep up the good work!

    • Christian Hanson

      Your fix isn’t working Dugi. I’ve deleted every file, including your addons and Tomtom, utilized all your suggestions and it is still unclicking completed quests. It’s frustrating enough that I have to disable your guide for now. Please fix this, it’s ridiculous

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