Some people are experiencing a bug with Dugi Guides where the addon keep unticking steps that you have already done.

This is likely due to the Shattering transition from the old guide and quests which create a conflict with your old WoW Cache and SavedVariables file.

Please follow these steps below to fix the error.

  1. Exit wow
  2. Find and Delete the folder World of Warcraft\Cache
  3. Enter WoW
  4. Make sure Dugi Guides Viewer v4.40 and TomTom are installed and ticked in the addons selection menu.
  5. Enter the game
  6. In your chat bar type ‘/dg fix’ and press enter
  7. And type ‘/reload’ and press enter

Hopefully this will resolve the unticking problem for good.

– Dugi

    32 replies to "Bug Update: Dugi Guides Unticking Completed Steps"

    • Haliox

      Didn’t work for me either. Keep having to re-click old quests to get back to current one.

    • asoko

      i thought the free guide was 1-40 horde or alliance …the new patch says it is only 1-20 so is that it now? 1 -20?

      • Dugi

        We are currently only offering 1-20 for Cataclysm , this may change in the future.

    • Robert Poirier

      I deleted my Cache and reset the guide but it keeps on unchecking the progressions. Kinda useless using it right now

    • Jethero Lumbley

      This fix did not work for me. Plus, I get an error upon loading a character that says that the guides have an error.


      My problem is that my level 80 can no longer get Dugies Guide at all. It is connected to her..all my other toons have it and it shows up on screen..but not my 80 and there is no button in game to click on and the guide does not show up in the addons page in game.

      • Dugi

        try typing /dg reset

    • will davis

      i purchased wolthk i would like to know when it will be shiped.

    • TiaMaster

      Holy **** guys chill!

      Let a true fix come out for gods sake.

    • mikelley517

      Love the guides…until now. Having to recheck everytime i pick up a quest is ridiculous. I guess I will quit using this until it is properly fixed. The “fix” suggested here doesn’t work!

    • jacketbuster

      Not only did it not fix it but now I have no DG Guide at all & reinstalling is not working either ????????? not happy 🙁

    • Jim

      didn’t work for me either. /dg fix gives me a ui error

      Message: …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua:1135: SmallFrameDetail1Button:SetPoint(): SmallFrameDetail1Name is dependent on this
      Time: 11/24/10 10:33:07
      Count: 1
      Stack: [C]: in function `SetPoint’
      …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua:1135: in function `InitSmallFrame’
      …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua:1929: in function `ClearScreen’
      …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua:2195: in function `value’
      Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4147: in function
      [C]: in function `ChatEdit_ParseText’
      Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:3737: in function `ChatEdit_SendText’
      Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:3775: in function `ChatEdit_OnEnterPressed’
      [string “*:OnEnterPressed”]:1: in function

      Locals: (*temporary) = SmallFrameDetail1Button {
      0 =
      (*temporary) = “RIGHT”
      (*temporary) = SmallFrameDetail1Name {
      0 =
      (*temporary) = “LEFT”
      (*temporary) = 0
      (*temporary) = 0

    • mike gerberick

      Will this also fix the error I am getting? or is it a tomtom error? The arrow show, and the quest shows, BUT the distance is always Zero yards.

    • Ben

      Unfortunately the fix hasn’t worked and the number of items I need to tick each time seems to be getting progressively worse…

    • Glen Buckley (Gadgetinker)

      Here’s the error I get on logging in…..

      Date: 2010-11-24 09:05:42
      ID: 2
      Error occured in: Global
      Count: 1
      Message: …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua line 1137:
      SmallFrameDetail1Button:SetPoint(): SmallFrameDetail1Name is dependent on this
      (tail call): ?
      [C]: ?
      [C]: SetPoint()
      …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua:1137: InitSmallFrame()
      …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua:1931: ClearScreen()
      …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua:1510: OnLoad()

    • Glen Buckley (Gadgetinker)

      Julia, the files are ..\World of Warcraft\Cache (where ever you installed WoW to) – Those files are like clearing out the internet cache and has nothing to do with deleting your saved variables. In fact, GM’s will tell you to clear it as standard procedure (now, if they tell you to delete your interface directory, RENAME IT to like Interface.Saved or something). Same thing with the WTF directory (yes… I’m not kidding – WHAT was Blizz thinking when they named that directory! :-))
      The SavedVariables directory lower in the WTF directory is where the data you save from important addons like Auctioneer or whatever! Yes – Tech support will tell you to delete that one, too (DEFINITELY RENAME IT!). Handy tip if Blizz GM’s tell you to Delete the Cached/Interface/WTF directories!

      I haven’t had a chance to even see if that bug is involved – but I have been getting an error on logging into toons to check mail and run Auctioneer. I’m not sure if it is a problem with the viewer itself or a conflict between it and one of my other 30-40 other mods I have loaded…. Yes, I could load them one at a time, and when I get time, I’ll probably do that.

      • Jesse Wilson

        From what I understand WTF means Web Transfed Files.

    • Bill phillips

      having same issue….fix didnt work here

    • Danny Eicher

      Wether deleting the Cache fixes the issue or not, the issue still arrised for me. I have to /dg fix and /reload to resolve the issue. Only happens once in a while but it is better then re-ticking every time I get a quest item

    • Julia McNaughton

      Please repost with the exact files to delete in the Cache, I do not want to delete my entire cache and reset all the saved variables. Also, I was getting a .lua error in 4.0.3a

    • sam bean

      worked for me.

    • Andy Temple

      me either

    • Mike

      Did not fix it for me.

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