Patch v4.0.3a “The Shattering”  is coming tommorow! and you will need to update your addons and guides!

At the same time our Pre-Order sales is available right now,  head out to the pre-order page right now for a limited discount for our Leveling Guides.

All Leveling Guide Price have been reduced by $17 and old members will also receive a further discount for the upgrade, login into the members area right now to upgrade your guide to Cataclysm.

This offer will only last until November 30th and after that it will return back to the standard price.

“The Shattering” will release the free update to Cataclysm 1-60 Leveling Guides, the 80-85 will be available closer to December 7th

To update and pre-install the guides to v4.0.3a please follow the instructions below

  1. Find your World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ folder
  2. Delete the folders DugisGuideViewerZ and TomTom
  3. visit
  4. Download DugisGuideViewerZ and TomTom by clicking the download button
  5. Download all the paid guides that you own aswell (optional)
  6. Run the AddonInstaller.exe
  7. Drag and drop the all the zip files that you have just downloaded into the white box of the AddonInstaller.exe
  8. Click install
  9. Load World of Warcraft and make sure that Dugi Guides Viewer v4.40 and TomTom are ticked
  10. Enter the game,  (you may recieve a one time error due to the old guides dissappearing, close the error box and it should work)

Also a special surprise we manage to finish one of our cool new feature in time (see screenshot below) which is a ‘Set Waypoint’  button which come in handy if you somehow loss your waypoint arrow or if you want to reset your waypoint without ticking and unticking the step or if you want to set a waypoint from any other step that is not your current step.

Say good bye to old Azeroth forever *sniff* 🙁 and enjoy new Azeroth after “The Shattering”

– Dugi

    58 replies to "Dugi Guides for Patch v4.0.3a “The Shattering”"

    • Griezz


      Yes, you have created a very good leveling guide, and yes, it does help you level rather efficiently. The problem lies with a few claims that are on the page talking about the leveling guide to potential customers. Specifically, it says…

      – Earn Loremaster Achievements For Each Zones.
      – tick Easy Guide Selection, Pick And Choose Any Zone.

      While the guide is complete enough for MOST zones, that is not true for all. The main one I’m thinking of is the Outland zones. Nagrand seems to be particularly bad about getting you the Loremaster acheivement, although the fault there lies with Blizz including quests that only appear once you have level 70 and very fast flying.

      Furthermore, the wording seems to suggest that the guide will help you get the Loremaster acheivement for any zone, not just the ones that you selected to be in your guide. At the very least, saying “pick and choose any zone” is a little misleading.

      Again, I do appreciate all the effort that has gone into making the guide, and I do understand that it is a lot of work to include new zones, making sure that you have all the information. That being said, when you promise “any zone”, you can’t be surprised when people expect just that.

      • Dugi

        Nargrand is uncomplete for loremaster and we will fix that up as part of our loremaster upgrade, and any other zone that is not complete for loremaster. We will get there, what we meant by pick and choose any zone, we do mean any zone that is available in our guide in comparison to our competitor where their guide is catergorized by level and not by zone.

    • Debi Goldberg

      Have the Cata expansion….noticed now there are only 2 areas on Kalimador….what happened to the rest of the areas I need to level in there…I see only 2 areas that are on the guide.
      Eastern kingdom seems to be complete.
      How do I find the quests for say Desolace?
      thanks again for your help…

      • Dugi

        It is not yet available, you should go to Eastern Kingdom its much faster for leveling.

    • Tim

      Hey Dugi, great guide(s) and great service! I would like to offer two suggestions that would, I think, improve the guide.
      1st. Sometimes there is a quest that I just can’t figure out. I have found that Wowhead is a great source for quest information. It provides more details about the quest and mentions what other quests are in the chain. Perhaps, most useful are the comments people write. I see comments from people having the same problems and others respond there with clear answers from their own experience. This is a great resource and it would be great if this guide integrated that. What I envision is that there could be a link next to the description or name of the quest, to the wowhead quest page for that specific quest. This would enable one to easily follow a link to an exterior source for more explicit help. I don’t know if there are rights issues that make this impossible. Something to think about, though.

      2nd. I like the feature where you can cross out a quest from the guide and it automatically crosses out the dependent steps. However, this is not complete. Blizzard is quest-chain happy. This seems to be especially the case in leveling from 80-85. The problem is, and has always been that failure to do one quest has many implications down the line. Its not just a matter of not being able to turn in the quest if you skip it. Others won’t be offered. For example, at first I had trouble with the quest called Clingy. If I skip this, neither “Rock Bottom” nor “Petrified Delicacies” will be offered by Kor. Unfortunately, these two subsequent quests are not crossed out in the dugi quest log. If these automatically got crossed out, as well as others in the chain, it would save me traveling from one questgiver to another, only to find that the giver doesn’t have a quest for me. In other words, the guide should X out ALL the quests that are dependent on one I might be tempted to skip. I understand that this would take some investment of time but it would be a worthy goal.

      • Football

        1: If you go to wowinterface dot com and download “LightHeaded” addon, it will provide what you’re asking for. Comments from wowhead ingame. The addon will attach it self to the right of your questlog and you can click it to hide/show 🙂

        2: I believe once the chain data is collected/sorted, it will be implemented again, like it was in WOTLK. I’m not sure when it is ready?

      • Dugi

        for #2 it is almost ready.

    • mamaa

      SO this new area for the thousand needle area is remakably cool BUT how do you get to the western shore? I got as far and you can on the east side and tried to jump and ended up in tanarais. Your arrow doesn’t really explain how to get around the rift in the Barrens either. This whole area is reall different now. It’s not a one shot point a to point b area. HELP please?!

    • HrothWulf

      Morin Cloudstalker is not at Bloodhoof village. Can’t find him in Mulgore

    • Dugi

      thank you for reporting, I have made the changes for next build. Demon Duty and Satyr Horns definately not active? it was there in the beta.

    • Griezz

      Regarding those “missing” quests… I ended up having to use the red X option; if I tried marking them as complete, they kept popping back.

      I ran across another issue with the guide. While at the new Zoram’Gor Outpost, you have us pick up the “Vorsha the Lasher” quest, and then go around to pick up more quests. however, “Vorsha” is an ****** quest; if you don’t stick with the guy, you fail. I would suggest rewriting that section so that you pick up “Vorsha” AFTER the other quests and setting your hearthstone, so that you can follow the guy directly.

      • Griezz

        there is another issue with the Zoram quests, Dugi. When you do the questline involving getting the hydra oil, the steps are a little messed up, which is resulting in the quest unmarking bug that we’ve been discussing.

        According to the guide, you should
        – kill hydras for the blubber
        – create the oil from the blubber
        – hearth back to Zoram’Gor
        – run and do the final step at the lighthouse

        Unfortunately, the step where you turn the blubber into the oil requires the use of the Zoram’Gor forge. That means that you should hearth back THEN create the oil at the forge, before heading out to the lighthouse. Doing it as given creates the flaw that causes the constant removal of the “completed” checks in the guide.

    • Griezz

      Hi, Dugi

      The problem does indeed seem to be related to the issue of doing steps out of turn. However, there is a possibly related issue that might compound that bug.

      When manually scrolling through the guide, I notice that some steps, which are far in the future, seem to be already completed. Mainly, these are steps which specifically involve hearthing to your home location. Thus, if you complete the step at point A in the current guide (where you are), then you apparently also are marked down for any time that exact same step (hearthing to the same location) appears in the guide. Ex: “Hearth to Splintertree Post”.

      On another note, I have come across two steps in your guide which are apparently not in the release version of 4.0.3a. In the Ashenvale guide, steps “Demon Duty” (apparently given by Locke Okarr) and “Satyr Horns” (apparently meant to be given by Pixie) are not active. Furthermore, when I check the entries for those NPCs on Wowhead, I see that those NPCs do indeed finish the quest… but there is no indication of who or what is meant to start them. Error on Blizzard’s part?

    • microme

      hi dugi
      Just Installed new update, i have it in my addon folder, but when i logg in, i cant find Dugis Guide Viewer v4.40 in the addon folder in the game, i only find the tomtom.. what do i do?

      • Dugi

        Make sure you follow these steps, if you get stuck please tell me which part that you’re stuck on and please describe in detail so we can promptly help you.

        1. Dowload the installer
        2. Download all the addons DugisGuideViewerZ, TomTom
        3. Download the paid guides that you own.
        3. Open the installer
        4. Drag and drop DugisGuideViewerZ and TomTom zip file into the white box of the installer and the guides that you own
        5. Click Install.
        6. Load the game and check in your addons menu inside the character select screen and make sure they are ticked.

        Check this screenshot on how your directory structure should be.

    • vince springate

      ty will leveling guide only goes to lvl 20.purchased the full leveling guide for both factions last month do i need to purchase the cata leveling guides. or is it free as stated on my subs page

    • oldbaldone

      just trying to download the updates.wont let me download ach/profs.
      havent go full guides for 1 to 80.
      have been using the full package to level up and i ty very much for a brilliant guide

      • Dugi

        The achievement & profession guide requires a seperate purchase, if you have purchased it you should be able to download it.

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