Please disregard the previous bug solution, we finaly pin pointed the problem exactly.

The bug will appear if you turn in quest OUT of order of the guide.

eg  The guide instruction is to turn in Quest1 followed by Quest2  but if you decide to turn in Quest2 before Quest1.  Quest2 will be unticked when you turn in Quest1.

We are working on a fix for this and will release it asap.

You can resolve this issue temporarily by

1. Typing /reload to fix the guide.
2. Or follow the guide exactly and don’t turn in quest out of order of the guide to prevent it from re-appearing.

I’m sorry we didn’t discover this bug sooner, I will update you as soon as the fix for the addon is available.


    20 replies to "Bug Update 2: Dugi Guides Still Unticking Completed Steps"

    • Curtis

      I downloaded the new guide and It does not work. I get a square and a green dot. I can go to the menu for leveling, acheivments and whatever but when I click on them they do nothing. The guide does not work. It worked before though.
      Thanks Curtis

      • Dugi

        Try /dg fix followed by /reload

        Can I confirm that you’re using v4.4311 you can check the version number in the addons menu.

        Try deleting the DugiGuidesViewerZ and TomTom folder and reinstall from the latest download

        If that still doesn’t work, try disabling all your addons except for DugiGuidesViewerZ and TomTom

    • Graham Dines

      Just a quick reply to Jacketbuster. I too had the same problem as you mate. I used the 1-20 free guide and it worked with no problems, then a couple of hours ago paid for the full 1-80/5 alliance and horde guide. I deleted the 1-20 out of my addons folder and then added the new 1-85 guide and then fired up WoW. There was no guide content on my screen. Was confused for a while so deleted and re-installed the addon again, and again etc…. Then I noticed that on Dugi’s addon download page it stated that the 1-20 guide was a “required” addon. Once I installed the 1-20 AND my 1-80/5 guides it ran perfectly.

      Hope this helps.

    • jacketbuster

      my lvl45hunter & my lvl 72 priest have no leavel guide ???? so what do I do now ????

    • asoko

      before the patch you had those expansions covered in the trial …now all of a sudden it went from lvl 1-40 to 1-20 and you did excluded those expansions, what is the point?

      • Dugi

        It is our decission to only cover the rest in the paid guides.

    • asoko

      why do you not have the starting areas for blood elf…you only have guides for troll/ orc and undead…granted i am using the trial but if this is a feel for the paid for version then i probably will not be buying ful version

      • Dugi

        We do have a starting zone for all race, but BC, WOTLK, Cataclysm is not included in the trial.
        full zone covered are listed in our sales page here

    • Dugi

      Please update your DugiGuidesViewer to 4.41 and if your TomTom is not work you should delete your TomTom folder and download the latest one from our download page

    • David Erickson

      The problem I am experiencing is that my TomTom arrow is active for all the steps except for the quest objectives… I’ll have an arrow directing me to the quest giver, but no arrow once I pick up the quest… I have the gear icon with the quest objective title… and I see the waypoint on the minimap… but I don’t get my nice TomTom arrow… anyone else seeing this?

    • Daniel

      Bump… My tomtom doesnt seem to be working correctly after the new patch… Its either showing me that everything is exactly where i am standing or its showing me that the quest is in the middle of the sea… I dont know if should just redownload or if it is a problem that some other people have as well which is related to the bug. Please help.

    • James

      Why did I lose Ice Crown Guide? I was 78% through it, Now it is not there!!

    • Graham

      I have been trying out the free 1-20 lvling guide before I buy 1-85 and have had the problems already talked about. I have also found that the guide is sending me to NPC’s to pickup quests that dont actually have a quest for me! I have to keep putting a cross next to the quest everytime I make a kill etc for the quests im actually on!

      Apart from that, im lovin it 😀 Now im 80% sure im going to invest the £31 or so for the full 1-85 horde and alliance 🙂

    • jose pena

      I’m trying to do the daily quest at netherwing reputation… trying to get my drake and the guide is giving me false actions. it goes back to quests already done. i hope they fix this bug! good luck dugi.

    • Mike

      Yeah, still doesn’t fix it. Oh well, at least they have identified it quickly and are working to fix it. 🙂

    • Andy

      i have had the same prob the new fix solution is not the awnser, i started a new toon and after completing the 2nd quest it went straight back to the first and every time i completed a quest befor i could hand it in the guide unticks all and puts me back to the first quest.

    • George

      Just happy you found the problem. 🙂
      All the best luck in fixing it Dugi!

    • Christian Hanson

      Unfortunately, the explanation isn’t 100% accurate. Started new toon in Trisifall glades, used the guide for lvl 1 – 10 (undead). Did the first 7 quests IN ORDER and it was still reverting back to completed quests.

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