Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying our recent WoW Classic guides. We have been working long hours to ensure that you received the highest quality guide.

If you haven’t been paying attention to our update log, here are our recent major updates with the WoW Classic guide.

  • Due to popular demand we have added Westfall for Alliance and Silverpine Forest for Horde as additional starting zone guide. Just be aware that these guides are a bit harder and it is easier to quest in Darkshore and The Barrens from level 12
  • All of the Level 40-60 guides have now been revised to our latest WoW Classic standard, as well as any improvements to the original 1-40 guides.
  • We have added the Minimap Tracking feature that doesn’t exists in WoW Classic to track all the town folks, it also include our popular Find Nearest feature to help you locate trainers, innkeepers etc much easier like in the WoW Retail guide

What else is coming for WoW Classic Guides?

Item management is a big issue with WoW classic due to the number of quest items that you have to hold. We are working on adding steps in the leveling guide to remind you to put away quest items in the bank to free up more bag room and when to get it back to complete the quest.

We are also adding a pop up notification feature that will remind you to train your skills, displaying what is available to train with cost, and how to find the trainer.

The Gear Advisor is coming back soon, this update was more complicated than anticipated but we are close to completion.

We are also bringing back our Classic Dungeon Guides will include pre-quests to pick up the dungeon quest and also reference maps to help guide you in the dungeon since dungeon in-game maps no longer exist in WoW Classic. We do need to revise everything and clean it up a bit first.

Below is a screenshot example of a map that we will include as part of the dungeon guide.

After that we will look into the profession 1-300 leveling guide and bringing the gold guide back for WoW Classic.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re playing WoW Classic right now you will know already that it is hard, confusing and a guide is absolutely essential. Dugi Guides offer the best leveling guide available and you can get it risk free today if our 60 days full refund guarantee.

Classic Price for Classic WoW!

  • No monthly fee
  • Unlimited Use
  • Free Updates for the 2019 WoW Classic Version
    Does not include future WoW Classic expansions like the Burning Crusade, Wrath of The Lich King, etc

$37 – One Time Purchase

Enjoy the guides!

    30 replies to "WoW Classic Guide Updates and Future"

    • jgelinas25

      Will there be profession and farming stuff along with this Classic part of the guides?

    • jynxus

      Hi: I would classify myself as a casual, lone player. My greatest interest lies in seeing all of the new areas, lanscape, architecture, creatures etc., I don’t even really know the difference between classic and retail. My difficulty is learning to fly in Draenor. My main character is a L95 hunter and right now she is in Spires of Arak with no idea where to go or what to do. I have a couple of guides, but I can’t seem to figure out what to do next.


    • xavier scott

      is there a update for what training should be purchased and what talents should be used where

    • kclark420

      Any update as to when the dungeon guide will be available??

      • Gregory Haugabrook

        Yes, the dungeon guide would be a great help!!!

      • Dugi

        we are working on it, unfortunately we been having slow progress due to a staff leaving.

        • flamboyant

          Hi Dugi, any news about dungeon guide?

    • Flamboyant

      Hi Dugi, how come I can not see the Gear Advisor setting? The last setting I have is Profile and no Gear Advisor. I updated to the recent version..

      • Dugi

        It’s not supported for all Languages yet, it might be that. Current support is EN, PT, ES

        • simon4738

          well support TW ?

    • Tyler

      Hey Dugi,

      I’m considering coming over from Zygor and giving yours a shot, but the dungeon guides are really what I’m looking forward to. I know you can’t tell me an exact date that it will be released on, but would you be able to give a very general timeline? Months? Or weeks?

    • mere0302

      Thank you so much for adding West Fall!! It means a lot that you took our comments and recommendations into consideration. I’ve been a long time Dugi Guide user and I’m looking forward to all the updates to come!

    • Emily Henry

      I have been away for quite sometime. How does one get to play the classic version? I do not see it on my game. Thanks

    • kommotoze

      Thanks for adding westfall Dugi.

    • roselark

      I am really sad that there are a LOT of quests missing from the guides. I am a completionist. That is the one thing I really like about Classic…the ability to experience all the content without outleveling it too quickly. If i am questing in Ashenvale, I want to complete all of the quests, but the guide only lists a few. Are there plans to add all of the quests available?

      • Dugi

        most of the excluded quest are dungeon quest which we mentioned that we’re adding.

        • teelecrowe

          I miss the complete all feature you used to have available.

    • smoulty

      Might be idea to tell everyone the $37 dollars is USD

    • darkshorn

      I had a few problems with the starting area guides before purchasing this one. (I am a loyalty purchaser from way back in the day), so I disabled the guides and just used a few addons. This wasn’t satisfactory, but at least I was finding quests I knew were there and that somehow seemed ignored in my free Dugi guides.

      Then I purchased (based on past experience with Dugi when he had it up on the net under “Ultimate Wow Guides.”) the WoW Classic Guide. I am happy to say that the guide is great! I’ve had no issues with it so far, just some preference wishes. I still have those addons installed, but they’re disabled (except for Questie because it shows quest locations on the zone map, not just the minimap).

      Overall, I recommend the guide because it’s better than any addon I have found through the Twitch/Curseforge app and it helps keep me focused on what I’m supposed to be doing rather than just wandering around in a confused daze doing quests (and re-doing them because I sell quest items or destroy them because they take up bag space) and grinding randomly. Both thumbs up!

    • Fibaman

      I have major issues with no other add-ons, mainly being tile to take certain fights and on doing so imeadeatly get the same message to fly back where ever you have flown from.

      • darkshorn

        Maybe try re-installing it? Find the addon directory and delete the guide, then do a fresh install. That might clear up any issues.

    • nadajohn

      My classic guide doesn’t update. I did buy the guide and it did update at first now it’s stuck. I enjoy the guides and the game more because of them.

      • Dugi

        Hi, just make sure you are logged in with the installer using your dugiguides username and password, and the install path are correct and click reinstall

        Win Retail. \World of Wacraft\_retail_
        Win Classic.
        \World of Wacraft\_classic_

    • shjordan

      Would totally pay 37 BRL for it. RN still not worth. Will wait for the gear upgrade update and dungeon ref update.

    • pete8515

      Is the minimap tracking feature available yet as it does not appear on my guide?

      • Dugi

        it is available already, make sure you are up to date or it might be hidden by another addon, try testing with only Dugi enabled.

    • Gary Rezeau

      Kudos to all the Dugi Guides team for creating a great addon for WoW Classic! I am greatly enjoying using your excellent tools to play WoW Classic. I look forward to the additional features you are adding as per this announcement. Keep up the great work!

    • miro288


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