Pilgrim’s Bounty is here and we have the in – game guide for you to complete your Achievements, Dailies and collect new rewards! You will find the guide in the events sections.


There doesn’t seem to be anything really new in 2019 (please let us know in the comments if you find anything updated!) but the holiday is great for grinding reputation and learning cooking recipes.

As Pilgrim’s Bounty this year is overlapping with the extended  WoW’s 15th Anniversary event, you are able to obtain even further reputation gains when stacking  Celebration Package with the Pilgrim’s Bounty reputation buff,  The Spirit of Sharing!

Pilgrim’s Bounty is a festival of food and sharing (and the sharing of food) which can be celebrated outside of each of the major cities. There, players will find feasting tables full of wonderful seasonal cuisine which they can help themselves to as well as pass to share with others. This holiday is an in-game version of the harvest festival of Thanksgiving, though it should not be confused with the  Harvest Festival which takes place in September.

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