Update! Due to popular demand, you can now download Level 1-12 Leveling Guides for WoW Classic for free.

Click the links below to Download the installer for free (no sign-up required) and install the 1-12 Trial Leveling Guides so you are armed and ready for tomorrow!

Windows: https://download.dugiguides.com/DugiGuides_1.4.6.exe
Mac: https://download.dugiguides.com/DugiGuides_1.3.1.zip

We are currently experiencing high amount of traffic in our server, make sure you download and install today, to avoid any delays on launch day.

Installer now show Retail and Classic versions

Leveling a WoW Classic character up to the maximum level of 60 is a lot of harder because of non linear questing, no shortcuts (no portals, less flightmasters etc) and tougher quests. Using an in-game leveling guide to for a streamline path to level 60 is again absolutely essential.

World of Warcraft: Classic will be launching August 27th, 2019 and Dugi Guides is now offering full 1-60 Leveling Guides for both Alliance and Horde.

We have updated the Dugi Installer for Windows and Mac to support both WoW Retail and WoW Classic. The Window installer should automatically update and Mac users can download the latest installer from the members area

Classic Price for Classic WoW!

Because WoW Classic will not require many patch updates, we are able to offer the guides as a one time purchase of $37 for the complete 1-60 Leveling Guides for Alliance and Horde.

  • No monthly fee
  • Unlimited Use
  • Free Updates for the 2019 WoW Classic Version
    Does not include future WoW Classic expansions like the Burning Crusade, Wrath of The Lich King, etc

$37 – One Time Purchase


Is WoW Classic Guide included with my Subscription or Loyalty Program?
WoW Classic Guides is a completely new product for Dugi Guides and we had invested a lot of time and money to create a new addon for the classic server and rebuilt the guides. This will remain as a separate product from the original Retail WoW and will require a new purchase from all members to own.

    77 replies to "WoW Classic 1-60 Leveling Guides Available Now"

    • playboy88

      When will be update dugi for more 12 lvl ?

      • Dugi

        Hi you need to purchase the paid guides for the complete 1-60 guides

    • Jack Haslup


      I have the Classic Guide. Am I able to select a quest I want as opposed to the recommended sequence?

      • Dugi

        We don’t offer that at the moment

    • stones3103

      why doesn’t the guide show up it keeps saying no guide loaded when there are no guides to choose from

      • Dugi

        Hi make sure the paid guides are installed,

        Enter you dugiguides.com username and password and click reinstall with the Dugi installer.

    • ironbits

      I concur with jsternsp – all zones covered – one guide for all things. 🙂

    • graverobber

      Where is Westfall and some other zones, i don;t only use Dugi’s for leveling but doing all the quest in all zones for the rep no mater the low quest level or not

      • Dugi

        not available yet, we will add later.

    • Matthew Rose

      Can I pick up and use the guide say at lvl 43?

      • Dugi

        yes, but you might run into quest that are not available, you can simply skip them by click on the step twice so show red (x) and it will skip follow up quest chains

    • theleftist

      can i buy once and use on my wifes account as well?

      • Dugi

        You can share the guide within the same household

    • Undead

      What about Silverpine Forest? I can’t seem to find a guide for it? I’m Undead and love to do all the quests near my homeland. Thanks

      • Dugi

        We don’t have a guide for Silverpine yet, we will add it later. It’s better to merge to the Barrens with the rest of the Horde for leveling otherwise you will find it difficult later as you haven’t completed any of the pre-quest

        • theleftist

          what do you mean the pre-quest

          • Dugi

            If you complete Silverpine forest as your 12-16ish guide that would mean Skipping The Barrens 12-16, and you won’t be able to do The Barrens 16-20 properly because you didn’t do the first half of it. There’s not enough quests in Silverpine to go all the way to 20

    • odm

      hey dugi,

      will this guide sync in with my level, let’s say im 39 – and im lost in questing. the problems im having is that im missing some of the chain pre-requisities for certain zones, so im hoping if this guide will cater to each zone instead of pre-chain quests?

      • Dugi

        we do cater to each zone at specific levels, , we have created the guide in a way that it will skip quests that require pre-quests that you haven’t complete, however we still go back and test the earlier guides again to make sure its working perfectly.

    • billy2493

      Dugi, I’m having an issue. I’m only seeing the starting quest zone for gnome. I see no other guides at all in classic. Is this some sort of bug? Thanks

      • Dugi

        Hi make sure you have purchased the WoW Classic Guide, then make sure you are logged in with your username and password with the Dugi installer and click reinstall

    • Lilluke92

      Dugi, I wanted to know whether the guide is zone based or lvl based? Because I have no interest buying a guide that want’s me to do a lot of zone jumping. Could you provide me a view how the lvl’s are divided?

      • Dugi

        It’s zone base, if you download the trial you can check out how the leveling is structured by looking at the files.

    • mere0302

      Been using Dugi Guides to level for years and so happy you created one for Classic as it’s become a part of my natural game play. My only question is will you be adding guides for the additional zones that were not included? Westfall for instance?

      • Dugi

        Westfall is terrible for leveling and waste of time, however we can add it as an option.

        • jsternsp

          It is incredibly time consuming and potentially expensive (requiring a 25% durability penalty if you follow the instructions in your guide) to get from the Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor to do the level 12 zone in Darkshore. I would much prefer to have a Westfall guide, crappy leveling or not.

          • Dugi

            it’s going to be time consuming whether you like it or not, you will have to make the journey on foot whether you’re level 12 or level 39 as you don’t get mount until level 40 that is if you can afford it.
            Once you gain the flight master for the zones its much easier.

        • jsternsp

          Also, this is somewhat about nostalgia and discovery of new things for those who did not play Vanilla. If Westfall was your favorite zone to quest in, or you want to see how it’s different, it would be nice to have a guide. That goes for all zones, I guess.

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