Update! Due to popular demand, you can now download Level 1-12 Leveling Guides for WoW Classic for free.

Click the links below to Download the installer for free (no sign-up required) and install the 1-12 Trial Leveling Guides so you are armed and ready for tomorrow!

Windows: https://download.dugiguides.com/DugiGuides_1.4.6.exe
Mac: https://download.dugiguides.com/DugiGuides_1.3.1.zip

We are currently experiencing high amount of traffic in our server, make sure you download and install today, to avoid any delays on launch day.

Installer now show Retail and Classic versions

Leveling a WoW Classic character up to the maximum level of 60 is a lot of harder because of non linear questing, no shortcuts (no portals, less flightmasters etc) and tougher quests. Using an in-game leveling guide to for a streamline path to level 60 is again absolutely essential.

World of Warcraft: Classic will be launching August 27th, 2019 and Dugi Guides is now offering full 1-60 Leveling Guides for both Alliance and Horde.

We have updated the Dugi Installer for Windows and Mac to support both WoW Retail and WoW Classic. The Window installer should automatically update and Mac users can download the latest installer from the members area

Classic Price for Classic WoW!

Because WoW Classic will not require many patch updates, we are able to offer the guides as a one time purchase of $37 for the complete 1-60 Leveling Guides for Alliance and Horde.

  • No monthly fee
  • Unlimited Use
  • Free Updates for the 2019 WoW Classic Version
    Does not include future WoW Classic expansions like the Burning Crusade, Wrath of The Lich King, etc

$37 – One Time Purchase


Is WoW Classic Guide included with my Subscription or Loyalty Program?
WoW Classic Guides is a completely new product for Dugi Guides and we had invested a lot of time and money to create a new addon for the classic server and rebuilt the guides. This will remain as a separate product from the original Retail WoW and will require a new purchase from all members to own.

    77 replies to "WoW Classic 1-60 Leveling Guides Available Now"

    • Derek Garrido

      I bought this hoping it would be the quality of previous Dugi guides.

      I am not happy with this product
      -Has you go to quest objectives without even having the quest accepted
      -Has you run around the zone passing quests you can do to do another, what I mean is the pathing doesn’t make sense for the quests I have
      -Does not recognize quests you have completed
      -Does not notify you when you are heading to a quest objective and you do not have the quest in your log unless you manually go in and uncheck the quest from a previous guide
      -Tells you to accept quests you cannot accept
      -Again I cant stress enough the pathing, it took me from stone talon to crossroads then to ratchet when I had quests to turn in at stone talon? Even when I checked the rest of the guide I didn’t see a turn in for those quests worth 5000+ exp

      The price for this guide is fair because Dugi has a high reputation for solid guides. I love these guides and the way they are made. I just feel a little let down and I hope you can take what I’m trying here as constructive criticism to improve.

      Please Dugi make this guide better!
      I believe in you!

      • Dugi

        It has only been 3 days of WoW Classic and granted we don’t have the perfect guide yet, we need to play the game like every one else to test the guides . It takes time.

        • Derek Garrido

          Appreciate the response, Wish your team the best perfecting this guide !

    • scorpio868

      NOT as good as the other guides! the one coordinate it gives you is sometimes far off, sometimes it has you do quests that it didn’t even have you pick up. Some of the levels are off for the suggested guide so you will die trying to go places it tells you to (don’t even think about doing the 1k needles guide at 25 like it suggests). I’ve been a member for years and it’s just not the normal Dugi quality.

      • Dugi

        100% disagree, we seen the other guides and we’re way better 🙂

        • scorpio868

          i mean better than YOUR past guides

          • Dugi

            I think we need to appreciate that this is wow classic and its very different and It’s very difficult to create guide for. We don’t have the all the quality of life feature and API that exist in retail. On top of that we had very little time in Beta and this is the first week.

            • scorpio868


    • Karsten Søndergaard

      Hey Dugi one question before i buy this. I tried the trail addon and it’s AMAZING thanks so much for that 🙂 but when we hit lvl 60 there are a ton of quest we need to do to get attuned to MC,BWL, Onyxia (long questchain) and other. Does your guide cover those as well, or is it only the lvling part from 1-60 and the guide is useless after that. hope you will answer 🙂

      • Dugi

        not useless if you’re going to level another character and depends on the demand, we’re focus on completing and polishing the leveling guide at the moment.

    • Niels hansen

      This guide is the worst. Most of the quests are in totally different places. Sometimes it tells you to go to a place that doesn’t make sense. sometimes it tells you to pick up a quest that isn’t there. And sometimes it tells you to pick up a quest that when compared to how long the quest takes to complete is not effecient. But the absolut worst thing about this guide is that when you mouse over a mob it doesn’t tell you what mob you need to kill or what item you need to loot etc etc. atleast in the “retail” guide it shows you what you need to kill/loot. I would pay $5 maybe $7 for this guide but chargeing $37 for this **** is cpmplete RIP OFF!!!

      • Dugi

        I think you are suffering from WoW Classic PTSD 🙂 , once you get your first level 60 you will understand why the guide is structured the way it is, some quests are picked up in advanced so you can do it later in a different zone or even continent and sometime part of a long quest chain. The mouse hover feature you mention is a Blizzard feature that just doesn’t exist in Classic, this is WoW Classic, get used to it or go back to retail where its much easier.

      • Karsten Søndergaard

        LOOOOOL welcome to classic WOW. Your frustrations has nothing to do with the guide. Whine to Blizzard 😛

    • Gabby

      Hi, I’ve bought the guides for years and wanted to try out the trial. I’m on board to pay again but when I use the Classic trial the arrow bugs out and freezes on the spinner. No map or minimal markers, no ant trail, just an endless spinner. Is this a known bug and I’ve already tried repairing, reinstalling and manually installing.

      • Dugi

        It’s likely that you installed the Retail addon into WoW Classic, it is not compatible.

        Make sure you are using the latest install and install the classic addon

        it should have 2 seperate install path, for retail and another for classic

    • balthazar39

      Really happy to see Dugi has done a guide for WoW Classic. I presume the $37 is in American dollars? I went to purchase the classic guide and in Australian dollars including the GST it come to over $67. I do intend to still purchase the guide soon but had not expected the cost to be quite so high; not that I’m saying the price is too high but rather that I’ll need to budget further for $67 compared to $37. Keep up the good work Dugi!!

      • donek

        yep 74$ in nz bit much realy when we allready have payed so much for othere guides

        • balthazar39

          I too have bought many of Dugi’s guides and am actually a loyalty program member. I don’t have any issue with the cost of the classic guide as I understand it would be a huge project and Dugi deserves to be paid for his time, just the same as anyone who works. I hadn’t considered that the $37 was US and as such did get a bit of a shock but that’s because the Australian (and NZ) dollar is poor against the US dollar at the moment. Like I said in my earlier post; I will get the new guide but I’m going to have to wait a bit as I have other financial priorities at the moment unfortunately. Just to be clear; I’m not saying the guide is too expensive but also prewarning people who like myself might get a shock when their dollar conversion takes place.

      • Dugi

        just FYI any additional Tax / GST goes to your local government and not to Dugi Guides

    • Matthew Sloan

      $37 is super steep. Should just be an addition to the $7 I’ve been paying for years. (A wasted $7 a month I might add as I barely played WoW the last 3-4 years and never resubbed)

    • djleo305

      so if i pay the monthly 6.99 i still have to buy this?

      • Dugi

        hi WoW Classic is separate from the Sub, it’s a one off purchase

        • ternalius

          Hello after paying the 37 dollars, the guide only gave me from 1-12 not from 1-60 as advertise

          • Dugi

            Hi make sure you enter your username and password with the installer and click reinstall

    • bkoz

      I have been using your guides since Cata and always level with them on. Bought this as soon as I saw it available and cant wait to get started. Thanks a ton to you and your team for your efforts!

    • donek

      1-40 🙁 i will w8t to pay the 37 till it 1-60 it be good to lvl a alt

    • kms1955

      Well worth $37 Dugi .
      I know a lot of work had to go into making this an in-game app.
      The old web-app was great back in the day but we’ve moved forward heaps since then.
      I’m certain there are lots of us out there who won’t ***** at the price $37

    • frap26

      so is it currently 1-40, when will the 40-60 added? I just purchased i used dugi guide many years ago when i played was great and easy and cant wait to use it for classic 😀

      • Dugi

        Our goal is within a couple of weeks

        • frap26

          plenty of time for my slow *** then if not and im a bit further ahead and it realses will it auto update to what iv done and carry on from where im at ?

        • Madaras

          I myself do not think it would save time as I have found that the Dugi Guide sends you past the quests that you get and you have to wait to do these quests as Dugi was doing it all azz about face in some areas, plus I did not find it hard doing the old classic when it first came out, I believe this would only benefit the NEW players not the OLD players as the old players would REMEMBER those areas

          • Cass

            It gets you to pick up quests only when you’re heading in the direction to be able to complete it. If it doesn’t get you to pick up a quest whilst you’re there, it means that the game will be bringing you back to the quest giver. Why pick up a quest that you have to go west to complete, when all your other current quests are in the east? It’s called an optimised shortest path (similar to Dijkstra’s algorithm). Also, if you remember everything from vanilla wow after 13+ years, good for you, a lot of people won’t… So it will be helpful for everyone in that case.

    • ogikay

      Im so glad you guys made it for the launch. Price i believe is reasonable too. Cant wait to use it :).

    • Scratzch

      While I like free stuff as much as anyone, I’m a bit surprised at the pushback for $37. Don’t all of us pay 12-15 bucks a month just to play WoW? Everything the Dugi guide gives you isn’t worth 3 months play time? Just my opinion…

      • blogster

        think of the time you will save with the addon. Time is Money my Friend 🙂

        • Madaras

          About your “think of the time you will save on the add On”. I myself do not think it would save time as I have found that the Dugi Guide sends you past the quests that you get and you have to wait to do these quests as Dugi was doing it all azz about face in some areas, plus I did not find it hard doing the old classic when it first came out, I believe this would only benefit the NEW players not the OLD players as the old players would REMEMBER those areas

    • Tigercat

      $37 is a **** good deal for all the work the Dugi team puts into it. I can’t believe all these cheap whiners are complaining. There is no better guide out there and if there was it would cost a lot more. $37 is less than any console game or any PC game. Shoot fire most people make $37 dollars in hour and a half. You spend an hour and a half of your labor for a guide that took thousands of man hours to design and develop. Labor isn’t cheap at a software developing company and the company is out to make profits so stop crying and **** it up butter cup.

    • Mike Blanchett

      Holy Cow, I can NOT believe people are complaining about $37 bucks in view of the amount of work the Dugi Team has to do to make this product available, if You don’t like it the solution is real simple DON’T BUY it!!!! If You think You bought this x amount of years ago, another simple fix, use the Guide You have it still levels the older WoW, People level new toons with it every day!!! lol but it is NOT the same. I’m ashamed of You people who want something for nothing, I’m a loyalty member but I realize things do change and Dugi’s prices are dirt cheap, ESPECIALLY for Loyalty program members, find something ever remotely similar with a competitor, I defy You to do it!!!! I’m am not affiliated with the Dugi gang in any way form or fashion, I just know a good deal when I see one and the Dugi team remembers where they got started and rewards the original members with the Loyalty program, it ticks Me off to read Your pitiful whining!!! If that is the best You can do save Your hard earned pennies. There is now and always has been a charge for NEW addons to the basic guide like Professions, and achievements, etc. DO YOU WORK FOR FREE, do You really expect a NEW product which has nothing to do with being a loyalty member for free? Wake up People smell the roses this is reality not a fantasy world1

    • Henke

      I’m still on the fence whether to play Classic on launch day or wait a month for the rush to settle.
      My question though is if the guide varies depending on the class you play?
      Since classes are not created equal in Classic they may need to go different paths?

    • kasmyn

      So spend another $37 on something I essentially paid for 9 years ago already, that honestly is going to be a very firm No Way.

      • Dugi

        I don’t see how we can sell you something that didn’t exist 9 years ago. This is not the same addon or guide from 9 years ago, we have already spent over 20K on WoW Classic addon development alone, bills need to be paid and a business need to make a profit.

        • kasmyn

          Didn’t exist 9 years ago? Then what did I buy? yeah the Addon aspect wasn’t as fleshed out as it is now, but the data was there, you had Vanilla guides back then, including the dungeon leveling guide which yes relied on the LFG tool which was new at that time but that was something fun I’ll no longer have access to. Just because you Slap a Classic Logo on the same data that had been there doesn’t mean we have to like the idea of buying it again.

          • Dugi

            It’s not the same guide data, it’s not the same WoW API.

            The WoW API is much more modern which makes a lot of features possible that wasn’t before at the same time taking away lots of feature that doesn’t get used in classic.

            The original and Vanilla guide was a website only version that look something like this for $37 https://dugiguides.com/main_pictures/preview2.jpg

            Earliest vanilla data we have that used our addon was from WOTLK which again is different than vanilla. BC, WOTLK Introduced more quests in the original vanilla zones, questing routes changes with introduction of Stormwind Harbor, Orgrimmar Zeppelin. Old guide data’s didn’t have any record of NPC, item, spell ids or partial quest in completions coords, doesn’t support Taxi system. The entire guide had to be rebuilt and leveling in Vanilla takes a long time.

            • Madaras

              I still say that it would only benefit the new players that start as for the older players the would remember those areas as it would come back to them as soon as they start off with the questing

    • TG

      ops forgot to translate what i wrote in last comment . cant u delete it?

      Is it possible to perhaps offer a trial for example 1-15. I think it should be done even though I know the dugis guide is quality. $ 37 is a bit high cost when you don’t quite know what you’re getting.

      • Dugi

        We’ll look into adding a trial soon.

        • mike_ochsenbein

          Excellent customer service. I already bought the Classic leveling guide, but I can see why some might find $37 scary if they don’t really know all that Dugi Guides do. You may want to update the video explaining the addon. I remember that is what originally sold me on the Retail version. Avoiding unnecessary travel by efficiently doing quests in the right order is a huge benefit, especially in Classic.

    • shjordan

      I guess i’m wait then. Cause right now it is 1-40. Not 1-60. And the full price is kinda a lowblow for loyalty program. Can I chain the guide with professions or will only be the leveling? I’m only guessing… because idk if there will be other “addon” purchases like reputation guides aside, professions and others.

      • Dugi

        leveling in classic takes a long time if you’re a casual player it will likely take a couple of months to reach level 40, the later guides will be of no use to anybody on launch day.

        We’re looking to at at least the dungeon guides as free updates, we haven’t looked into profession yet. There are no achievements in Classic and reputations are mostly grinding npcs and usually for little to no reward.

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