Horde Tabard
Alliance Tabard

Login into the game right now and receive your free reward the Celebration Package

This is an on use item that will visually update your tabard (not replace) and give you a 7% increase of experience and reputation.

The buff will last for 1 hour which you can re-apply every 10 seconds.

You can only use this item during the 7th Anniversary event which last for 2 weeks. Nov 20th -> Dec 3rd

Also today is the Pilgrim’s Bounty event have started, the best part about this event is that you can level your cooking skill from 0 to level 300 for only a few silver! I’m still in the process of updating the in-game guide for Cataclysm version right now.

    10 replies to "WoW 7th Anniversary Reward"

    • tonythetiger

      Thanks for the guide Dugi

    • Altheda

      Interesting little anniversary reward this year but a shame it only lasts two weeks, I think I’d have preferred a companion gift, I also think it’s not a particularly big buff considering what guild perks give you. Also, not as useful for 85s. This will have that same disappointment as the witch’s broom disappearing one morning!

    • Season

      I don’t understand this new guide, why am I going over to an alliance table to get some of the quest that I can complete on Horde tables? Also I cannot complete them at alliance tables. I am totally confused.

    • ziggywilldo

      I paid my membership in wow and as expected received my 7th anni perc. But I paid my membership for dugi.. Where is my guide for pilgrim’s event… Sigh

      • Xandrille

        @ziggywilldo, He needs workable data to make a guide, and the event changes every year. I’m betting it won’t be too long until a guide is available.

      • Dugi

        @ziggywilldo, its coming.

    • Xandrille

      I’m looking forward to the event guide, tyvm

      • Tim Bushey

        @Xandrille, Very nice 🙂

        • Tim Bushey

          ummm not @ anyone. cannot delete ;(

    • notlitle

      That cool thanks.

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