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How To Enter To Win A Cenarion Hatchling Pet

On the comment section below please enter

1. Your active account name
2. Your character region (US or EU)

eg. Dugi US

IMPORTANT: We only need to know your account name for, please don’t post any other personal information.

1. Entries will be closed on Thursday, May 12th and the comment section in this blog will be closed.
2. This pet give away are for active members only, so you must own at least one of our paid guides.
3. One entry per person.
4. All 200 winners will be randomly picked from the entry below and announced on this blog
5. Pet codes will be sent to their registered email on their account make sure you email is up to date in the members area.

Good luck to everybody that enters, if you don’t win I highly recommend you purchase one of these pets from the Blizzard Store and get your pet while donating $10 to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief efforts.

    1,040 replies to "200 Cenarion Hatchling Give Away"

    • Dugi

      Entries is now closed!

      Thank for everybody that took the time to come here and entering our draw, all of you that entered have about 1 in 5 chance of winning 🙂

      We will now do the draw and send the pet codes to your Private Message box in the forum (instead of email) to make sure that it goes through so please check it after we announce the list of 200 winners within the next few days.

      If you did win and still haven’t received any Pet codes please PM Dugi in the forum.

    • Fred Smith

      Great idea Dugi


    • tmgrogan

      Whoot! you guys rock!


    • Rozzie

      Great idea. Good for Japan, Dugi Guides and WoWsters!

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