If I had to give you one tip in for leveling in the new Dreanor 90 – 100 zones then this is it.

Before the expansion comes make sure you get yourself a Water Strider mount. This is a mount that you can purchase in Pandaria from The Anglers faction.


What’s special about the Water Strider mount is that it can walk on water which is fantastic especially if you’re not a Shaman (they can use Water Walking) or a Death Knight (Path of Frost)

In Warlords of Draenor you won’t be able to fly with your flying mounts and to make things worse Draenor zones have lots of…




& Lakes



Many of the water areas in Draenor are deep and will slow you down when you’re forced to swim across frequently.

But I can easily move across using the Water Strider mount which really boosted my leveling times in the beta because

You will need to earn exalted reputation with The Anglers before you can purchase the Water Strider mount.

You can find the complete in-game Anglers guide in the Pandaria dailies section of our guides.


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    17 replies to "Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tip"

    • Tom

      Hello why can”t we see party members can you fix that?

      • Dugi

        I don’t think that has anything to do with the Dugi addon.

    • brad

      Dugi, ok, worked on getting Exalted, have it, now a new questions. On the way I bought the Anglers fishing raft for 800G Works good, Can this be used instead of the Water Strider, which costs 4000G. is there a speed difference between the 2?

      If i can save 3500 and still travel via raft……….

      thanks brad

      • Dugi

        Water Strider works on both land and water. With the raft you have to demount and use raft then vice versa when you reach land which is time consuming and annoying.

    • gregorie gardner

      how soon will you have the WOD guide up?

      • Dugi

        we should have it ready before the expansion goes live.

    • brad

      SO i got to Revered by doing all Soggys Gamble and the Anglers quests, now Im 21,000 away from exalted. Any guidance on how to get there? I know of only doing the 3 blue ? per day and Anglers Wharf? Is this all? brad

      • gregorie gardner

        you can also select it as rep bonus for doing daily doungen

      • Lex Riley

        Hi Brad,

        You probably already figured this out, but if not, most factions will give you a Account bound 100% Bonus to your Faction Rep. What this means is All your character on All Realms will get this 100% Bonus to their Rep from Neutral, after one of your Character (Your Main) reaches Reveared with a Pandaran Faction.

        In this case we are talking about the Anglers. The Quartermaster for the Anglers is Nat Nagle. Buy the Commendation for around 50 Gold, it is usually located on the last page of any of the Pandaran Factions Quartermaster Inventories.

        With this Commendation you get a 100% Bonus Rep for your main and EVERY Charater past present or future, Whether Horde or Alliance, (FOR THE HORDE) sorry 😛 will get that Bonus. Your Main will only need to do half the amount of Rep required to level from Reveared to Exalted which is 11,500 Rep DOWN from 21,000. Well actually you still have to get 21,000 Rep, you will have to do only half the number of quests.

        All other Characters on your Account will get this Bonus 100% Rep from Neutral. It will be as if you only need half the Rep Point that your main Character needed. Neutral to Friendly is 1,500 Rep Down from 3,000 Rep, Friendly to Honored is 3,000 Rep Down from 6,000 Rep, Honored to Revered is 6,000 Rep, Down from 12.000 Rep, Revered to Exalted, is 11,500 Down from 21,000 Rep, then you only need 500 Rep Down from 999 which is the Cap for Exalted.

        This Commendation also increases by 100% any Rep you get by filling Work orders on Sunsong Ranch, Rep from selecting a faction while doing Dungeons through Random Dungeon Finder. So reaching Exalted with ALL Pandaren Factions will literally take half the time for all of your character, except your main, who has to reach Revered with all of the Pandaran factions and will only get the Bonus 100% Rep halving the last 21,000 from Revered to Exalted to 11,500 Rep.

        So at Revered visit the Quartermaster of all the Factions. Only the Shado’Pan Assault, Emperor Shaohao and The ***** Prince, have no Reputation Boost at Revered, though the last Faction (The ***** Prince) may become irrelevant and have no quests or Reputation to be built up to Exalted after the Warlords of Draenor Expansion goes live.

        I am not sure if The ***** Prince will be a faction you will need to build up Reputation with after Draenor goes live.

    • Big Ragoo

      That would be fine except I don’t get all the guides when I start a panda. I have numerously said this on replies and haven’t received any comments on how to fix this. I am a loyalty member and still don’t get any response. This is getting very upsetting and every time I go to where I reply and my reply is gone, so what is the deal?

      • j800r

        The pandarans are cross-faction. While in the starting zone you don’t have a faction and as such the only guide that will probably show is the starting zone guide as your faction has not yet been determined. Just run a /rl after you leave the starting zone and choose your faction and the guide content should show up.

        • Big Ragoo

          ok I have my faction, where do I put in the /rl? I am an alliance and I still do not have the guide….

          • Big Ragoo

            ok, I went out of the game and came back in and now I have them. Thank you very much….

    • Melody

      How about the Anglers raft? I love the speeds this can achieve going around Timeless Isle after the shark.

    • j800r

      Also not to forget with a glyph Warlock’s Dreadsteed can walk on water too. Plus a druid has their aquatic form which speeds up swimming.

      So I’d say Druids, Warlocks, Death Knights and Shaman are exempt from that.

      (Although as a little side personal note I feel when brand new expansion content hits you shouldn’t be rushing through it first time anyways. Take your time while levelling. Read the quest text, soak up the atmosphere.)

      • Steve

        Don’t forget BM hunters with a water strider pet can also walk on water. You can get a water strider pet that is a smaller version of the water strider mount in Dread Wastes.

        • katgo

          Thanks Steve, I didn’t know that!

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