We have finaly completed the Vendor Run guide for new Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Cataclysm zones.

This is a free update for Dailies Guides owners, so make sure you update your guides right now to at least v4.4491 using our new installer.

For those of you that don’t know what a Vendor Run Guide is, check out this video below

The video was made before Cataclysm so you can expect the new vendor run guide to make you lot more gold per hour than before.

A lot of NPCs have moved or was killed during ‘The Shattering’  (RIP)  🙁   and to top it off Blizzard haven’t got around to replace them with new vendors.  So there are actually less vendors than the original classic wow.

The good news are flying mount in Azeroth makes the guide even faster and easier than before, however you can also do it using ground mount and use the new extra flight paths instead.

So update your guides now and enjoy the new guide, we are still working on the Dailies guide update and will release as soon as possible.

Enjoy the guide!
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

    8 replies to "Vendor Run Guide Cataclysm Update"


      Love the guides Dugi just one prob the skinning is out of whack now as the lvl requirements have dropped ie skinning in blasted lands is now 285. anyway the guildes made me thousands of gold so TY!

    • Dogglock

      Like zygzag I did the same thing – and I do vendor runs while in that nice 50 min dps queue as well 🙂 I didn’t do mining, but with flying in Az this takes like no time. Im starting to learn what sells and what doesnt on my server, but an easy 1 hour of vendor run produces 600g+ – and that’s casual. Thanks for the great work Dugi and team!!!!!

    • zygyzag

      Tried your vendor run guide for the first time – all 3 one afetr the other – and posted aeverything on the AH for 48 hours. Reposted the returns. Combined the runs with some mining on the way. My toon has made 1200 gold clear profit so far and there are around a hundred items still in auction! Thanks for a great guide. A weekly vendor run is definately on my schedule. I’m going to ditch the bags though 🙁 – I did check the market prices – but for me they are not selling – you did post a warning though.

      Thanks agian Dugi – this is a greta help for me.

    • Gardibolt

      I look forward to trying this vendor run out. Looks like fun, especially if you combine it with Reagent Restocker.

      I don’t think an ingame guide for archaeology is necessary or even possible, but an online guide that describes how it works and how to level up without hosing yourself would be welcome. My guildmates are constantly asking questions about how it works. As usual, Blizzard inserted a feature with wholly inadequate documentation.

    • Sandwich

      Archeoloogy is sort of self guiding. why would you need Dugi for that? much better use of his valuable time on the other amazing things he and his team put together. Great Job Dugi!

    • Orendar

      Hey Dugi,

      You got an archeology guide coming down the pipe?? Just wondering… All the other guides are awesome by the way…
      Thanks for all the hard work…. Keep em comin buddy!

    • Costa

      “The Sundering” occurred during the War of the Ancients. This was “The Shattering” XD

      • Dugi

        lol, sorry thanks for pointing that out 🙂

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