113 replies to "Special Message From Dugi Guides"

    • Soldierboy

      Hi dugi love the guide. I unable to locate the profession guide 1-525 when i logged on plz advise.

    • LadyFireDragon


      Loved the message and I wish you and your a wonderful HOLIDAY Season.

    • Darranna

      Awwww! You donated to the SPCA! I’m a huge animal lover, you couldn’t have picked a better Christmas gift if you’d tried, thank you. I hope you all had an awesome holiday season, and look forward to a new year using your great guides. 🙂

    • Frederick Blundell

      We all love you and your staff Dugi. You are all very special to us. How can we go wrong with a warrior like you on our side. And I’m blown away by the fantastic donations you have made to charity. What a wonderful surprise to an old geezer like me. I hope with all my heart that this year will be trouble free. You deserve nothing less. Happy new year!

    • Kathy

      Belated holiday greetings! Couldn’t play the game without your guides, thanks for all of your hard work. Happy New Year to all!

    • derek hairston

      thx Dugi 4 the guides

    • Steve

      My best (late) Holiday wishes to all at Dugi Guides. Your product makes my WOW experience much more enjoyable!

    • Vulc

      Merry x-mas to you all. Hope next year is just as good.
      Thank you

    • Andrew

      Merry Xmas DG Team, and hope 2011 has much more good things to come to you guys and gals 🙂

    • rwguessjr

      thanks for the guides and merry christmas.

      i would like dugi guides to support norml.

      thanks again

    • Vega

      Merry Christmas!! and all the best in the New Year. Love the guides keep up the great work.

    • Ruafraidd-Muradin

      Merry Christmas and my best wishes for a Happy New Year.

    • James

      Great job, Love Dugis guide!!
      Happy Holidays!!!!

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