I think we have fixed all the bugs with the latest installer and it should now run smoothly for Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 & 64bit) and also all Mac OS X.

Please update your installer to the latest version available in the download page.

– Dugi Guides Installer / Updater
* Fixed compatibility issues.
* Password field is now hidden.
* Play button should now work on Mac.

Also some solutions to common problems:

* Unable to load
– Make sure you install the latest Java from http://www.java.com , if you have a very old version of Java you may have to uninstall all your Java and do a fresh installation.

* Login and Password don’t work
– First make sure you type your Login and password correctly, it is case sensitive. Try changing your password from the members area and try again.
– If you’re using Anti Virus / Spyware software please add exception to DugiGuides.exe as it maybe blocking it from communicating with our website. In some cases you may have to turn off or uninstall your AV software completely.

* Play button doesn’t work for Mac
– We have just fixed it 🙂 delete your old installer  and download a new one from our download page.

If you’re still having issues with the new installer please don’t hesitate to contact our ticket support to help you.

– Dugi

    11 replies to "Update: Dugi Guides Installer / Updater for Windows and Mac"

    • waxymud

      Tried turning the security off completely. Every thing.. Even turned off the windows firewall, although it was disabled by the other security software.

      No change.

      still will not log in correctly.

      • Dugi

        try uninstalling Java completely and do a fresh install.

        Are you 100% certain that you entered the correct login and password, it is case sensitive.

        contact ticket support here and soleina will be able to help you


    • waxymud

      D/L’d latest installer. Saved it in a selection of places, updated to latest Java, Run with admin rights, created and exception for security.

      Still does not want to get past the 1/8th position on log in bar.

      There is still a problem with it. Can not get it to work for me at all after a week or so of trying…..

      • Dugi

        I can assure you that it will work on your computer.

        Try disabling your security completely, some security software can still restrict the installer even with the exception. Also try adding an exception with the default Windows firewall.

    • Andrew Cote

      I love the installer. But I can’t find it in my WoW folder to copy it to my desktop. Any help would be appreciated.


      • Dugi

        it will likely be in your download folder, or whichever folder that you saved it to. Try downloading it again and save it straight to your desktop

    • Marty

      I must be missing something. Do I have to enter the path, Name, and password every time I run the updater? It is not a problem, only a question.

      • Dugi

        It should automatically detect your path, if it is incorrect then you can change the path.
        It should remember your path, login, password after you close it so it only need to be done once.

    • Teresa

      What an awesome upgrade! I love the new installer – it works perfectly! Well done!

    • Hueco

      Thanks for the great work!

    • rebelyell

      Thank you my updater has been working great since we found the problem thanks for the great product

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