Due to popular demand we have added 16 new In-Game Profession guides which includes extra steps for collecting your own materials.

This guide will be useful for players that would like to gather and use their own materials for leveling their profession since purchasing materials from the Auction House can be very expensive.

Update your guides to 4.4780 right now to download the new in-game profession guides.


Note: This is a free update for owners of our Achievement & Profession Guide, you can still purchase these guides today for a low price of $20 for a single faction or $30 for both factions.

Click the link below for more information about our Achievement & Profession Guides.


Current members can purchase from the members area link below and use the pull down menu on your right.


– Dugi

    15 replies to "Update: 16 New Profession Guides With Farming Locations"

    • MickeTun

      Hi. Yes It’s a very nice guide. But I’ve got a problem. It works wonderfoul on 17 chars but have disappeared in one. I can’t se nor reach the suggested quest. Nor can I reach the select a guide. I can’t get hold of it! The other nine on the same “pack” works. I can’t solve it. The misssing is a level 46 hunter which I by the way just got a ***** Tabby with. Help would be wounderful.

    • pete

      The most recent Talented is not providing any suggested talents.
      It gives me a list of options for my class(Paladin) but they are all 0-0-0 with no suggested tree.
      Otherwisw, everything works great.

      • Ghengis

        If you are using curse or another addon updater make sure its not updating Talented. Just keep Dugi’s the way it is otherwise you will have that problem

      • Dugi

        contact ticket support here and they will be able to help you

    • gardibolt

      Tried the Engineering with Farming guide last night, starting in the Northern Stranglethorn part since my dwarf already had 100 engineering. The waypoints don’t seem to work right since it just kept bouncing me back and forth between the first two spots (neither of which had a node, for the record).

    • lee reider

      Hey just wanted to say really enjoying the guide, after I bought yours was’nt happy so I spent $97 on Booster.
      They had and still are having tons of problems. So I went back to your guide and it turned out the reason your guide was’nt working for me is I did’nt focus on leveling. Now I am and have leveled a human hunter from 1 to 51 in a matter of 1 day and 14 hours played time. I will be 100% loyal from now on thanks

    • mike gerberick

      I wish it was that simple…once again my login is failing. I get the updated loader, but no paid subscriptions.

    • Kathy

      This is the best update yet! I always have to run/fly around all over the place looking for my mats. Farming has just been made much easier! It’s always been my number one least favorite thing to do.

      LOVE the updater. Sorry that others have problems with it because I never have and it’s really wonderful.

      Thanks again, Dugi!

    • Shenadc

      Every time I try to install the 4.4780 update via the Dugi’s add on installer, it says the file is corrupted & I risk data file corruption if I continue, so of course I cancel the update. I’ve deleted the all in one download update file multiple times & tried again, but no success. Any ideas?

      Love the guides & would really like to be able to use the updates!

      Thanks for your help.

      • Haddie


        Just to let you know if you download the latest java based installer then you don’t get the corrupted file messgae!

        I had the same issue and that’s what sorted it out for me.


    • Ghengis

      Oh brother..dang iphone and fat finger spelling srry

    • Ghengis

      Thanks! Dugi…seriously your guides make playing wow almost as fun as the game itself.
      This is the part most have trouble with when it comes down to it…finding the mats needed without spending a ton of gold

      I have all your guides and have tried others but once installed i havent even considered
      The competition! Yours is that good. Gone is any temptation to buy gold illegally because its easier to make it
      Using your guides and leveling systems.

      One last note. The automagic update tool is a snap even a camadian loke me can use it. So there!


    • gardibolt

      Excellent! Looking forward to this. Here’s hoping that there’s info on farming Spider’s Silk….that stuff is selling at 15g each on my server, when it’s there at all. Just a few months ago I had so much of that I didn’t know what to do with it.

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