I’m proud to announce that our new Cataclysm Daily Quest Guides are now available.
The new guides will cover all 6 Cataclysm new factions and every single new Dailies available.

Another good news is that no extra purchase is required if you already own our..
* Dailies & Events Guide
* Cataclysm Update

Just spread the word about our guides as form of payment or post a testimonials in our forum 🙂

Update your Dugi Guides to 4.4700 right now to get the new guides or use our All-In-One download.

We expect Blizzard to include more Cataclysm dailies later in the year, just like how they released the ‘Argent Tournament’ content for WOTLK, and we will update the guides again.

Enjoy the new guides!
– Dugi

    17 replies to "Cataclysm Daily Quest Guides Available Now!"

    • augustimmanuel vedelsby

      i have tryed to reinstall it but it dosent work 🙁

    • augustimmanuel vedelsby

      hey my event & dailies guide donsnt have any dailies:( what should i do………..

    • John Craddock

      I never cease to be impressed with the very professional follow through I get with Dugi’s guides. This is a great product and service to us as members of the WOW family

      Zorrk aka Dr John Craddock

    • Brent McCoy

      I am trying to verify I have the cata dailies. I am not seeing anything on the dailies tab with the exception of Cataclysm Reputation Dailies. Are these all there are?

      • Dugi

        Yes the Cataclysm reputation section is currently all there is available for Cataclysm. Blizzard will likely release more Dailies later.

    • John Gee

      I follow the instructions and I don’t see any Cataclysm info, just the old stuff. I am a member.

      • Dugi

        You need to login with your account first, enter your Account information in the settings menu of the installer.
        and you also need to purchase the Cataclysm Update product if you don’t have it already.

        please contact ticket support for assistance


    • John Gee

      I follow the instructions and I don’t see any Cataclysm info, just the old stuff.

    • Voidisum - Hyjal



      Hi dugi,

      I bought your leveling guide a couple of years ago. I went to go and download it today and i can only get the guide for levels 1-20

    • gardibolt

      You guys are amazing, working so hard through the holidays. Thank you!

    • Ian Southon

      I bought dailies and all works fine except I do not have dailies for Wildhammer and i am trying to rep up with them is there anychance there will be one for alliance

      • Dugi

        Sorry about that, the guide was there but it wasn’t showing up due to a mistake. It is now fixed in 4.4735 please update your guide.

    • Eivind Teig

      So if i buy the dailies guide and update i will get a fresh install of it?


      • Eivind Teig

        Found it at the members section =)

        Joy oh Joy!

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