The Lunar Festival in World of Warcraft is held every year starting on a date that typically coincides with the Chinese New Year.

2011’s Lunar Festival will run from January 23 – February 13. The festival is celebrated by the druids of Moonglade with great fireworks and festive attire.

Visit the link below for the complete online guide

You can update Dugi Guides right now to v4.4919 to receive the Cataclysm Elder Achievement guide by using the Automatic Installer.

Doing the Lunar Elder Achievement guide will collect you over 5500 of easy reputation for all 6 Horde or 6 Alliance city faction. (thats over 33k worth of reputation!!) A lot more if you have guild reputation bonus. Great for getting your Crusader title so make sure you do the run before the event is gone.

Enjoy Lunar Festival!
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

    17 replies to "Lunar Festival Is Here! (Update Available Now)"

    • Gajah of Sen'Jinn

      Nice guide, but I am having a problem that as soon as I get to a zone it is clearing the waypoint and going to the next zone, I am having to manually set a waypoint or I am getting lost…. Any tips on what I might be doing wrong?

      • Dugi

        Can you contact ticket support here
        and provide more information such which guide that you’re using and your current step, even some screenshot the more information you can provide the better.

        • Gajah of Sen'Jinn

          Ok, I did a full repair and upgrade and will test again tonight, if I get the same results I will document what is going on. Thanks.

    • Linda

      I am not sure how the rep works in this festival. I was following your guide, getting the coins and rep and then noticed there were no increases in the number of rep on my Reputation page. I am working towards an Ambassador achievement and feel this would help tremendously, but I am not seeing the resultant increase in reputation. Is it necessary to collect every possible coin before rep is awarded? am I missing a step? am I misunderstanding the purpose of the festival coins? Thanks for any advice.

      • Dugi

        I’m not sure about this, so far every single Elder have given me 75 reputation for Horde, this increased all the Classic Horde City reputations by 75 each.

        This might be an issue with Blizzard? are you a goblin or worgen?

        • Linda

          No, I am a night elf. Now when I look at the city rep. it is a real mess. I have done 11 elders. My rep. with Darnassus went up 78, but my rep with Stormwind actually went down about 4k. I don’t know what is going on and guess I’ll have to refer the problem to Blizzard. Thanks for your help.

    • Chris Slattery

      This will help for the WG elder if your faction does not control it.

    • Al

      Hi Dugi,

      Big fan of all your products; overall they’re incredibly helpful and we all appreciate the time and effort that is put into them.

      Unfortunately this one needs another run through the quality control department. In addition to the two already mentioned by Chad and Gary, I found that both elders in Stranglethorn and the other one in the Blasted Lands are all off by large margins from their waypoint coords.

      I’m not sure about any others; at that point I went back to doing dailies (with the assistance of your dailies guide!)

      I know you want to make your products available as soon as possible, but I’d gladly wait a few extra days for one that’s been reviewed and confirmed in the live game.

      Again thanks for all you do. Hopefully “Lunar v2” will be up and running soon… but not too soon 🙂

      • Dugi

        I think you need to update your guide, everything else is correct except the few errors mentioned above. Stranglethorn and Blasted Lands are correct.

        • Al

          Oh, you didn’t just say that.

          I don’t have the WoW icon on my desktop… I have the DugiGuides application instead. That’s how I log into the game each time. And there it was “Lunar Festival” in the blog news.

          I didn’t mention this in the original post (was trying to be civil and show a little respect, I really did admire the amount of effort you put into your guides) but apparently you place ego/image above customer feedback;, so here goes…..

          I checked the incorrect waypoints in the guied against wowhead (again, after the “lunar” blog entry appeared) and guess what… your (incorrect) waypoints matched with the default (incorrect) locations in wowhead.

          We can check wowhead ourselves. Why the heck should we pay you for doing the same.

          Don’t bother replying, I won’t see it. WoW is once again the icon on my desktop and you’ve lost one word-of-mouth advertiser.

          • Dugi

            You could try clicking the repair button to make sure you have the latest version, our installer may not detect the latest version straight away until it has been loaded a few times, this is sometime a problem with some ISP and unfortunately not something that we can fix on our side.

            as for everything else you mentioned above, I’m really lost as to how you came to that conclusion from my reply to you, I was trying to be helpful by reporting what we see on our side and suggested a solution.

            Be kind to others and take care.

    • Chad Stiles

      I also noticed after the update that you still have Elder Hammershout as being in Stormwind Park. As Deathwing has incinderated the Park, they have moved Hammershout to right outside the gates of Stormwind in Elwynn. Thanks and as always, you do an awesome job!

    • Gary

      I downloaded your guide and noticed that Elder Dawnstrider in the lunar festival is off . I updated the guide but still was off . I found her at . Figured I would let you know.


      • Gary

        Here are a couple more :

        Elder Stonespire ,
        Elder Skygleam ,

        Still love the guide though . And thanks.

        • Dugi

          thank you but Skygleam is already correct.

    • Kat

      You do such a great job..Please keep up the good work. I was wondering if you take donations. If so please let me know. Thanks for making WOW alot easier…Kat

      • Dugi

        thank you kat, just purchase our paid guides and recommend us to your friends in wow are more than enough for us 🙂

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