You are probably already aware that Blizzard have open the Mist of Pandaria Beta to the public a few days ago. And we are excited to be to able to test out the game as early as this which will allow us to update all our guides and have them ready for release at the same time as MoP is released.

The leveling guides will require the most updates as we have to cover 7 massive level 85-90  zones + 1-12 Pandaren starting zone (All existing 1-85 Cataclysm Zones will remain the same as far as we know).  Currently only the Pandaren 1-12 starting zone is available for us to test and here is an important quote from Blizzard MoP press tour.

“I’m Dave Kosak, the lead quest designer for World of Warcraft. I’m Cory Stockton, the lead content designer for WoW. We are going to log in here and show you live game footage running on the server right now. Let’s open our map. We are going to tag team this to give you a whirlwind tour of everything we can show you in Pandaria. This is the continent map and The Wandering Isle is not shown, it is off wandering the oceans somewhere. This map has changed quite a bit since Blizzcon. Back when showed this at Blizzcon we had five zones on the continent of Pandaria and the main thing you will notice now is that we have seven. We have added two more zones to the continent. There are a few reasons for that; we wanted to get more content into the game, as we felt like there were a lot of stories we can tell and there are a lot of things to do here. Secondly, it gives us a less linear progression for players when they are coming through for a second or third time with another player. They don’t really have to go the same path that they took before..”

So it seems that the questing style for the new 85-90 zones could be like the way it was in Classic and Burning Crusade WoW which was much harder as there is no obvious set path of questing. This also means that Dugi Guides will be more useful that ever for leveling and questing at the new zones because the best questing path will greatly improve your leveling time.

The updates that we offer for MoP leveling guides will likely cost a small update fee ($20) similar to what we offered during the launch of Cataclysm, and we will also offer a pre-order special to get them early at a discounted price.

I am going to be very active with MoP beta and make sure that our guides are as high quality as possible when MoP launches and I will also be more active with our blog posting about the new Monk class, leveling and questing in Mist of Pandaria so visit our site often and stay tuned for cool stuff :).


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    • wombatgurl

      So Mists is going to be release on 25 Sept – you still on track to have the guide out before this?

      Also as a first time buyer, will I need to buy the full guide or are you selling the Mists guide seperately.

      I levelled my first toon the hard way and just relied on free guides for my alts.
      But I don’t want to be left playing catchup in the new expansion so time for your guide 🙂

    • Simon

      any update on the guide?

      I just hope it is up before MoP, relli want to go for realm first!!

      Please email me if there are any changes :)!

      • Dugi

        @Simon, I think it will definitely be ready before MoP is release.

    • Gordon

      people complaining about having to pay to upgrade. why would you not have to? this xpac is huge and much more difficult, people were lucky enough for the grace period offered in cataclysm… I will be more than happy to upgrade Dugi keep up the great work!

    • Anna Perez

      Dugi. Looking forward to the MoP guide. Your guides (and I have them all) have helped me out quite a great deal. I started playing WoW in Oct 2011 and still find that your guides cut half the time in my questing experiences. Without the guides and relying solely on Carbonite takes me much longer. So whether its mat gathering or facerolling I need your work. Thanks and keep it up!

    • nathan

      will this expansion require me to buy a new guide

    • Braincrusher

      Whoppie, I got the invite to MoP and I have been having fun except when the last patch was loaded.
      Now the game has big gliches so I have placed this on the back burner for now and have moved over
      to the New TERA BETA and liking this one.
      Can’t wait for the latest DUGI Guides once this is launched…
      Good Pandoring

    • Santana

      I really don’t understand why people expect Dugi to hand out free guides. I brought Dugi’s Guide for vanilla and Wrath and know that those will be updated whenever those areas are updated.
      New content in Cata? Fine, new guides for the new content – and I was quite happy to pay for the usual superb quality of guide for the new areas… and the stuff I’d already paid for was updated as well.
      Now there’s more new content. So, a new guide for the new 85-90 content and the Panda starting zones. Which I expect to pay for as it is new content, and not covered by ANY GUIDE I already have. I really don’t see why anyone expects to get new stuff for free… Dugi and co have to make a living after all.

      Dugi, glad to see you got into the beta and I look forward to seeing your new guides for MoP – which I shall be buying (I’m still kinda torn over the Gold guide. Part of me says “Go on, you know you want it” but I’m not that hungry for in-game gold. Yet. Perhaps when I finally stop faffing about starting new races/classes and get a high-level character…)

    • L Halmrast

      Great to hear that you are in the Mists and are able to start planning out the new leveling guide! Can’t wait!

    • Katherya

      I’m not certain if I fall in the ‘Before Nov 2008 purchase’,so I don’t know if I will have to pay for the update or not. I’m currently not sure if I’m going to buy MoP or just play on what I have. I have a lot of game content unfinished up to and including Cata. Let me know if I will have to purchase the update because even if I decide not to play the expansion, I would like to keep my guide current.
      You are doing a good job…and as the individual stated above…It isn’t cheap work either; it’s quality work.
      Thank you

    • Bladeyama

      will you be making something for the beta. I would pay for that when i get in the beta if ever.

      • wrlwnd


        from everything that I have seen so far, addons are not enable in the current beta.

        • Bladeyama

          @wrlwnd, dang

      • Bladeyama

        Got in the beta and man is it awesome. Cant wait till it comes out i created, monk, shaman, warrior all at lvl 13. Leveling is extremely fast for lvls 1 to 13. Well that is if not to many people are on atm. I got three toons from 1 to 13 in 24hours actual time.

    • stroeckx

      honestly i think this is ****, i paid € 120 for a permanent guide and now i have to pay again to get updates. I’m pretty sure you told us lifetime updates when i bought.

      • Dugi

        We stop offering lifetime updates after November 2008, Like in Cataclysm launch we will offer a 6 month grace period after your purchase for free updates of MoP

        • Season

          @Dugi, **** I sure do not mind a 20 dollar price for the MoP guide. I know I will use it on my characters. The time and dedication to put out a quality product should be rewarded. I have yet to encounter a person in business that did not charge for their work. Keep up the work, I sure will pay for it.

        • gardibolt

          @Dugi, $20 (or less) is damned cheap considering how much work goes into these things. I know I get way more value than that from them. I will be lined up first day for my update.

      • Bladeyama

        @stroeckx, they cant just give things away it cost money to make this stuff and website. Duh

      • Bladeyama

        @stroeckx, really did your ****** teach you to act this way.

    • Ron

      will my 85 beable to kkeep lvling or do i have start all over from lvl one not sure how its going to work can any one email and tell me tks cant

      • Bladeyama

        @Ron, yow will start from the lvl you area when MOP comes out. You will lvl past 85

    • goldmoon

      Annual pass and get invite to World of Warcraft®: Mists of Pandaria™ Beta Live!

      This is the biggest scam of them all. It wasn’t in any way clear that buying an annual pass didn’t result in an instant beta invite. I think that everyone that bought this expected an invitation as soon as the beta started. Millions miss out

      I get so angry at misleading averters, that’s why I got upset with Dugis Gold Guide promotion .(You all seem to play on words)

      • Dugi

        I believe I was very clear in regards to the Gold Guide promotion, we sent out newsletter, facebook, tweets, blog and included a countdown on our page to make sure everyone know when the sale begin and end. I have also offered you the sale price from your ticket support but you never responded.

        • goldmoon


          The question I ask was What was the RRP ( the price before sale) this was not mention on promotion Just the sale price $37 you should show the RRP $??? then sale price
          That’s why I did not take up your offer

          • Dugi

            @goldmoon, everything was shown during the sale, you simply missed it.

    • mikeart

      Thanks guys, look forward to new adventures I would like to know how you guys make your guides work, but guess it would be above my understanding anyway!! thanks Mike.

    • Soulzy

      Same can’t wait. I want my invite =(

    • Jason Malvuccio

      I can’t wait!!!

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