This is a special ‘heads up’ announcement to give you an early warning of our upcoming sale next Saturday.

On February 22nd EST Dugi Guides will have a Half-off (50% discount) sale of ALL our guides and packages for ONE DAY ONLY.

This is to remember the four year anniversary of  The Day that Zygor Came

Thats it!, make sure to mark it on your calendar and hold out for our sale for massive savings if you choose to purchase our guides.

Yours Truly
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

Sale Has Ended!

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  • Updated for wow leveling guides mist of pandaria
    WoW Leveling Guides, Alliance Horde, mist of pandaria
  • Forwow leveling guides mist of pandariaAlliance & wow leveling guides mist of pandariaHorde
  •  1-90 Leveling Guides
  • Automatic Gear Suggestion
  • Loremaster & Dungeon Guides
  • Daily & Events Guides
  • Achievement & Profession Guides
  • Title & Reputation Guides
  • Pet & Mount Guides
  • Fully automated with automatic step detection and automatic waypoints.
  • Simple and easy to use. Step-by-step instructions.
  • Compatible with ANY level character.
  • Compatible with Recruit-a-friend, Dungeons Heirlooms and PVP leveling.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t slow down your computer.
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    38 replies to "The Day that Zygor Came (One Day Sale)"

    • Apollo

      Hey Dugi
      Just want to know, if I want to buy the guide for a friend and I buy this gift code for him.
      So when my friend use it, does that amount count towards his loyalty status or for mine? (I’m already a loyalty member, so I won’t need it :P)

      • Dugi

        it counts towards yours by default because you purchased it, but if you want it to count towards your friend we can do that too but we need to do it manualy, open up a ticket and tell us the account names.

    • computerai


      I’m a subscriber and I’ll still buy some guides to support thee!

      Carry on.

    • Kimi

      I’m so excited for the sale!

    • Catcllns

      Like everyone I am waiting for your sale, but was wondering about how to qualify for the loyalty program? Can you give us some details ???

    • Rob L

      If I purchase the dailies guide, will it be updated for WoD or will I need some 15 dollar update?

      • Harm

        I think you’ll get it because there is 1 year free updates.

    • darkrelic

      Hello Dugi I’m going to be buying your guide on 22 but i would like to know if i can make a video on a review of your guide and put it on youtube 🙂

    • scampers

      I bought the guides a few months ago, at the time I was thinking that it would be a waste of money, and was in two minds weather to try the guides, but I’m glad that I did purchase the guides, it helped me out playing WoW and well worth the money. I’d would recommend these guides to anyone.
      Thanks Dugi 🙂

    • Thanh Nghia Robert Phung

      any one know if loyalty program work for WoD expension update of the guide?

      • Dugi

        Loyalty program will include WoD.



      • Dugi

        Not sure exactly, can you see the countdown above? when it reaches 0 the sale will begin.

    • Darkeheart

      Counting the minutes til I can grab them all up. When Dugi had sales before I never had the cash but my tax refund arrived last week so now I am going to get all of the guides – finally!! Woot Woot!

    • Ice9

      I can’t believe that its been 4 years already since all this happened. I’ve been loving these guides for years now and my advice to anyone that is sitting on the fence and wondering whether to purchase or not is just do it!! Dugi genuinely cares about his customers and its constantly working on ways to improve and tweak his guides to make them even better. This and regular updates makes this by far the best product of its kind out there. I’ve tried them all …including Zygor.

    • Bothuric

      I was just about to buy this, after having played with the trial version. It’s working fantastic and this sale will definately make me buy this guide. Can’t wait to get all my alts that are stuck at 85 to 90 in an efficent way! 😀

    • Tekfire

      I actually remember that. Has it really been 4 years already? Where has the time gone…

    • Geoff Fruin

      I got all the guides before this year by year thing. will we be able to just buy the latest guide with the year by year. this is one of the mian resons why I got it in the first place

    • kaspero

      Dugi Guide is better than any guide for wow
      there is deffrent dugi and zygor

      zygor is untidy and boring

    • makevio

      what does it mean “the day zygor came” i thought dugi guides was against them?

    • Don Warren

      So is this still a 1 year buy or like the good old days buy it for life?

      • Dugi

        The good ol days you also need to pay extra of expansion updates, the new payment model includes expansion updates if it’s within the year.

    • auto correcter

      Is it Friday the 21st, or Saturday the 22nd? Thanks!

      • Dugi

        It should be Saturday, I have made the correction.

        • colin

          what day and time in UK please

    • Rob Cornell

      Does this include the gold guide?

      • Dugi

        includes all guide and packages.

    • Mikkel Olsen

      Haha I can’t wait. XD

      Dugis guide is the best WoW guide on the market!

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