Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor FAQ

Here is our answers to some the frequently asked question on how our plans to update Dugi Guides for Warlords of Draenor (The new expansion for World of Warcraft), we will update this faq as we get more information on WoD.

1. Will Dugi Guide be updated for WoD?

Yes! with every expansion we begin working on the guides during the expansion beta and will likely complete the 90-100  leveling guide ready for you to use the moment the expansion is available on live servers. We were able to complete leveling guides update on time for Cataclysm and MoP so we expect to be able to complete on time again for WoD.

2. What will the expansion update cover?

Just about all the guides will be updated. The largest update will be the new level 90-100 guides for the new Zones. There will also be updates for the Daily, Achievements, Professions, Dungeons and Events guides for the new Zones.

3. Will the expansion WoD update for Dugi In-Game Guides be included with my purchase?

Keeping your guides updated is very important as with every Patch or expansion updates there are a lot of changes or new things added to the game.

Your Dugi In-Game Guides purchase will include 1 year worth of updates, this means if WoD is released within a year from now you will be able to download the WoD update. Since we are close to the end of Mist of Pandaria expansion, it is very likely that that Warlords of Draenor will be released within a year from now.

We think our this is a fair pricing model because this ensures our customers that they will always have the latest updates for at least a year after their purchase, unlike our competitor’s pricing where you will be charged an additional expansion update fee of up to $110 to cover all of their guides.

If you have any other questions about the expansion don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.


    15 replies to "Dugi Warlord of Draenor Update FAQ"

    • Dennis Fazekas

      Greetings. I am a beta tester for WoD. Do you have a beta program for the Dugi’s guilds? I’m a “Loyalty program member” and would love to help beta test your guides. Thanks!

    • liam wootton

      if i have the old purchase package where i buy them individaully will there ba a WOD update to purchase for a fee and get unlimited updates like previous

      • Dugi

        we will still offer one-off update fee for old members.

    • Robert

      Hi Dugi,

      I am beta testing the WOD beta atm is it possible for me to use the guide to help you test it?

    • Rakunay1

      Wow I love Dugi Guides and am glad to hear they do all they can to get it updated for WoD on the day it goes live!

    • Nada

      I got the upgrade and now dugi guides is hanging up when it hung up before also but now it won’t even start. It keep saying global errors. I have never had a problem before this so just letting you know.

    • Huglover

      Dugi guides are the best, and they really treat their customers well. Am a loyalty member from some time ago, and I am very thankful that they introduced the loyalty member idea 🙂

    • abidas

      I bought dugi’s guide just today, will I get charged when WoD comes out? 🙂


        As Blizzard has announced that WoD will be released before the end of the calendar year, unless they push the release back well over six months, you should not be charged per the way that Dugi explained it above because you would be within the one years worth of full updates that Dugi has chosen to give. In other words — as long as WoD releases within one year (or in less than a year)from the time you bought your guide, you should get the WoD update. 🙂

        Dugi, please correct me if I have this wrong! Thanks for the best guide on the market and probably the best customer service too! 🙂

    • runeqm

      I have spent $147 and nothing left to purchase unless they are gifts. I guess ill need to purchase the upgrade and then ill have spent enough to enter the loyalty program is that right? (depending on the upgrade cost.)

    • Geoff Fruin

      being a Loyalty Program Member and having got all the updates before the yearly pay plan was put up. I am asking if we can just buy the WoD guides keep Loyalty Program Member and not pay the yearly update. one of the main things why I got the guides in the 1st place place

      • Dugi

        Loyalty program member will receive the updates for free.

        • Shannon

          Thank you for letting the Loyalty Program Members getting the updates for free:)

        • Dan

          Does this include getting the expansion for free?

          • JOHN HINCKLEY

            Only the update to Dugi’s guide for the expansion. The way you’ve asked it would require a “no” answer if it were literal because the “expansion” is Warlords of Draenor! We don’t buy the expansions to the game from/through Dugi, we get them from Blizzard. But those who are qualified as loyalty members (barring other circumstances I don’t know about) will be getting the update to Dugi’s Ultimate WoW guide for Blizzard’s Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft.

            Again, Dugi, please correct me if I have any information written incorrectly here. 🙂

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