This is a special ‘heads up’ announcement to give you an early warning of our upcoming sale next Saturday.

On February 22nd EST Dugi Guides will have a Half-off (50% discount) sale of ALL our guides and packages for ONE DAY ONLY.

This is to remember the four year anniversary of  The Day that Zygor Came

Thats it!, make sure to mark it on your calendar and hold out for our sale for massive savings if you choose to purchase our guides.

Yours Truly
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

Sale Has Ended!

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  • Updated for wow leveling guides mist of pandaria
    WoW Leveling Guides, Alliance Horde, mist of pandaria
  • Forwow leveling guides mist of pandariaAlliance & wow leveling guides mist of pandariaHorde
  •  1-90 Leveling Guides
  • Automatic Gear Suggestion
  • Loremaster & Dungeon Guides
  • Daily & Events Guides
  • Achievement & Profession Guides
  • Title & Reputation Guides
  • Pet & Mount Guides
  • Fully automated with automatic step detection and automatic waypoints.
  • Simple and easy to use. Step-by-step instructions.
  • Compatible with ANY level character.
  • Compatible with Recruit-a-friend, Dungeons Heirlooms and PVP leveling.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t slow down your computer.
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alliance horde wow leveling guide [/headline_arial_small_centered]

    38 replies to "The Day that Zygor Came (One Day Sale)"

    • Irishminx

      **** I missed the sale, thought it would still be the 22nd in US 🙁 Silly time difference.

    • Laffinassassin

      Hi it’s Saturday 22nd here in uk so is the timer telling us when the sale starts or finish’s or until it starts cos above the add to cart it says now $24= around £14 or £15 so has it begun or for uk will the sale start Sunday 23rd?

      • Dugi

        the sale has already started the timer is now showing the duration until the sale ends.

    • fluffykittyneko

      Can’t buy now, but when I can start plsying wow again, will sub. Should add in on how to get back into the game when having been absent.

    • VtRakkasan (hunter)

      will this software run on a linux box under wine?


      • Turkish112


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