This is a special ‘heads up’ announcement to give you an early warning of our upcoming sale next Friday.

On February 15th EST Dugi Guides will have a Half-off (50% discount) sale of ALL our guides and packages for ONE DAY ONLY.

This is to remember the three year anniversary of  The Day that Zygor Came

Thats it!, make sure to mark it on your calendar and hold out for our sale for massive savings if you choose to purchase our guides.

Yours Truly
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

IMPORTANT:The Day Zygor Came‘ ON NOW!

Half-off (50% discount) sale of ALL our guides and packages for ONE DAY ONLY.

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    55 replies to "The Day that Zygor Came (One Day Sale)"

    • Ron

      Any future SALE?

      • Dugi

        We don’t have any sales planed in the near future.

    • Rob Cornell

      Any chance we’ll see another discount day like this in the near future. I just blew some money on Zygor stuff because I didn’t know about Dugi, which looks like it’s a lot better organized. But since I make my living writing novels, I’m a bit strapped for cash.

      I COULD, however, promise to promote the promotion to my 36,902 Twitter followers. @RobCornellBooks

      Just sayin’. 🙂

    • Jeffrey

      any other sale coming up? really wanted to buy but was out of town

    • Paul

      I have had all the guides from the very day i had the money, i borrowed from my family. best thing i did, saved me hours and hours of looking stuff up. seriously folks if you are keen wower. get the lot asap. It is really that good. I worked off that loan by cleaning my sister windows, easy when the servers are down for maintanence.

      I know lots are gona say they dont have the money etc but the time this saved me gave me more time to work it off. just saying how i did it.

      awesome guide. 10 / 10

    • bbfk

      I tried to buy it, but it says not approved, but the same day, I use my paypal to buy books on amazon

    • manuel miguel

      all fixed, thx

    • Jerry Killian

      Do I have to order items separately? Also, it has a space for coupon code?

      • Dugi

        @Jerry Killian, some items are combine but some you have to purchase separately. The coupon code can be left blank unless you have a gift card.

    • manuel miguel

      Alliance + Horde MOP lvl guide
      I want to upgrade Alliance + Horde MOP lvl guide but that option does not exist which is the problem?
      Thx in advance

      • Dugi

        @manuel miguel, sorry about that, the option should be there now.

    • Peter Hoogeveen

      When I add the Horde MOP lvl guide for $7,50 I get sent to the payment page.
      There it says I have to pay:

      Dugi Guides – Horde MoP Update


      Whats up with that? 🙂

      • Dugi

        @Peter Hoogeveen, that is a mistake, sorry about that. It should be fixed now.

        • whitecash

          Dugi Guides – MoP Daily Guides Update
          $12.50 = EUR 10,00 =/

          • Dugi

            @whitecash, that is also a mistake. it should be fixed now.

            • whitecash

              @Dugi, Done bought it 🙂 Thanks.. WIN FOR ZUGI ^^

            • whitecash

              @Dugi, i mean Zugi = Dugi lol Misstype

    • Jack

      So how do we get them for 50% off? The full package still says $80. =|

      • jackgtf

        @Jack, Never mind, I’m just impatient. Bought all the guides, thanks!

    • whitecash

      Hi.. i dont understand. Now already 50% or wait until 18 hours then start 50% disccount?


      • Yoyoyo

        @whitecash, the sale starts on February 15th, it’s the 14th in the US right now. So when the timer ends sale starts.

        • whitecash

          @Yoyoyo, so if tomorrow then 15 dollar to 7,50 dollar correct(upgrade achievement/Daily Qeust) and horde/ally 30 dollar to 15 dollar correct ?

          • Yoyoyo

            @whitecash, yep looks that way. I don’t work for dugi, but they confirmed to me that the 80 dollar complete package would be 40 so I imagine the rest would be the same as it says all packages and addons will be 50 off.

    • Yoyoyo

      So we can get the complete 80 dollar package for 40?

      • Dugi

        @Yoyoyo, that’s correct.

    • Jack

      Holy! I was just about to buy all of your guides since my wife and I started playing again. You just saved us, what, $70? =O

    • Brad


      Three years! Seemed like yesterday Dugi was in a legal battle with Zigor. I’m glad the best man won. Dugi may be a little grayer, but he is stronger, and producing a top notch product.

      Thanks Dugi



    • Majik

      Oh how time flies, seems not long ago I was re reading about this on you’re blog lol. Good times, shame I have all the guides I need. Ah well, I’ll let my guild now at least. Cheers Dugi.

    • Diabolist

      Sweet and my tax return should be in just in time to buy the last two things I don’t have!

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