Dugi lunar festival guideThe Lunar Festival is held every year starting on a date that typically coincides with the Chinese New Year. 2013’s Lunar Festival starts on January 27 and ends on February 9–a bit shorter than last year’s. Ancestors of Azeroth are praised and honored by both Horde and Alliance, who then reward players with a special title, Elder <Name>, a celebration in Moonglade, and numerous  Coin of Ancestry that can be used to purchase festive garb, patterns and fireworks!

While there were significant additions and changes in 2012, the Lunar Festival for 2013 doesn’t have many changes. We’ve updated the post to reflect the new battle pet abilities the seasonal pets have gotten, and will update this guide once the holiday goes live if there are further changes.

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This year visiting all the elders will earn you about 700g! Our in-game event guide contain all of the Elders location and recommended path.

Update Dugi Guides right now for the in-game guide.

Lunar Festival Guide


    9 replies to "2013 Lunar Festival (Jan 27 – Feb 9)"

    • Denny

      I have been using the guide and it has helped me a lot to find the elders. I see there is a section for Cataclysm elders but no guide.

      Is that going to be an update, something different or did I miss something?

      • Denny

        I was missing 2 from Moonglade. I was not able to find them in the Kalimdor guide.

      • Dugi

        @Denny, the Cataclysm elders was combined with the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom guide because it was on the way.

    • Angela Evans

      How do you get the 700g? Do you have to visit every single elder and then get the reward?

      • Dugi

        @Angela Evans, yes each elder will give you about 9g90s

        • Cory

          @Dugi, Do you have to be a level 85 or 90 before they give you gold? I have a 72 and am only getting Coins of Ancestry

          • Dugi

            @Cory, I think you get Experiences instead until you’re level 90 when XP is converted into Gold.

            • Angela Evans

              @Dugi, I think that must be true – I am level 86 and I am not getting gold – just exp and coins of ancestry.

    • Mystique

      I have not played WOW in a year and a half and just got the new exspansion. I hope I can catch up and make it to 90 soon. I guess there are a lot of new things that I don’t know about yet so I better get on the ball.

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