The first part doesn’t really concern english clients but this is great news for non-english clients 🙂

The huge updated the NPC names database for Spanish, French, German and Russian is here!

The model viewer should now display the correct translated names for the displayed NPC and also that the Target button should now work for non-english client.

Update your guides right to Build 5.1200

Companions, Mount and More Guides Coming

A new set of Bonus guides are coming for owners of the Achievement & Profession guide.

These new guides will tell you how to obtain

  • Companions (140 listed)
  • Mounts (156 listed)
  • Tabards (50 listed)
  • Titles (52 listed)

and due to popular demand we created new Mining and Herbalism farming guides so that you can easily select a farming route and go with it.

These new guides will make good use of the new Search and Sticky Frame features in Dugi Guides addon.

We’re still putting finishing touches on the guide and a new video tutorial on how to use the new guides is coming, so stay tune to our newsletter for more information.


    20 replies to "Translation Update (Companions, Mount and More Guides Coming)"

    • udowanano

      Companions, Mount and More Guides

      I just downloaded 5.1301 is this not the latest version, with the companion, and mount guides?

      I dont see them?

      • Dugi

        @udowanano, make sure you enter your username and password with the installer.

    • Alexis

      Gracias por todo Dugui, estoy esperando con mucha ilusión la traducción de la guia en Español. Eres mi heroe.

    • Treklore

      when is new guide coming and did you know the lore master guide is missing from 5.1 guide

      • Dugi

        @Treklore, Loremaster guide is not missing, contact ticket support for help.

    • Nesis

      When will this be released. this is what im currently working on now and would love to have. I can even help test if needed.

      • Dugi

        @Nesis, hopefully by the end of the week.

        • Nesis


          I Want This Guide Right Meow.
          But seriously Take time you always produce quality stuff. Ill be counting Down the days. And spamming your site.

          • Nesis

            Still counting =P

    • TaurenLover

      Cannot wait for the Mount guide, just wondering how much the price will be for it?

      Awesome work looking forward to it!


    • Eydis

      Really looking forward to these updates. Always been a sucker for mounts and companion pets so these updates will be utilized fo sho.

    • Kathy Sandidge

      VERY excited for new guides!

    • Ambleball

      Thank you


    • pipoligy

      wow brill brill brill as useual dugi, but when i cant wait for mounts guide im soooo excited lo

    • Peanutmaster

      All I can say, “Why would you expect anything different from DUGI!!”

    • Katy

      I’m so excited for the mount and companion guides!! This is gonna be great!!!

    • Korchoon

      How do you lock the new Target button?

    • Jakxter

      Awesome! I was hoping there was a mount guide on the way. Can’t wait! 🙂 Keep up the good work, Dugi!

    • wulfgardr

      The upcoming updates will be awesome!

      Thanks Dugi&Staff!

    • Angryyankee

      Farming routes will be great. Helps to avoid looking at maps while flying around gathering herbs.

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