[content_box_red width=”90%”]UPDATE: This offer has expired, stay tuned to our newsletter or our blog for future updates and offers. If anyone still need assistance please contact me via ticket support – Dugi[/content_box_red]

[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”][headline_arial_medium_left color=”#cc0000″]Includes New Mount, Companions, Titles and Gathering Guide[/headline_arial_medium_left]

Ant Trail Gathering RouteWith our new Search and Sticky Frame feature we have included a complete library that will contain a list of every single Mounts and Companions that you can easily search through to find the source and even preview them with our model viewer.

A new farming guide is also included to give you farming locations for Herbs and Mine[/features_box_azure_blue]

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UPDATE: I have just cleared the back log of tickets, if anyone still have questions or problems please contact me via ticket support for urgent assistance. -Dugi

    53 replies to "Get The Achievement, Profession, Pet, Mount, Reputations, Gathering Guide FREE (Oct 3rd – 4th)"

    • Relayer

      I thought this guide/s were priced between $25 and $50, yet its trying to charge me at full price… I was interested in purchasing:
      Alliance & Horde Leveling / Lore & Dungeon / Dailies & Event ($110.00)
      BEST VALUE BONUS: In-Game Talent, In-Game Pre-Made Macros, Seasonal Event Guide. ($60 Discount)
      Yet its trying to charge me at full price – $110… Where’s the $60 discount?

      • Dugi

        @Relayer, the $60 discount is implies the cost that you would pay if you purchase the guides one at a time rather than the discount package.

        • Relayer

          @Dugi, This means your initial email I received today from you is misleading… In the email it was mentioned: Guides RP ($25-$50). Its should have read $25-$110 instead.
          You need to word things a bit better my friend. Just that email alone has now put me off your guides…

          • Dugi

            @Relayer, Guides RP ($25-$50) mention is the value of the Bonus: Achievement & Profession guide which is current special offer. I think we are pretty clear on that, it is even explained again in the video above.

    • Noprince

      Hey Dugi, Just downloaded your free 1 to 20 testguide a few days ago, not really impressed with it so far, I feel like it’s directing me in all sorts of weird directions, so whyam I supposed to think that these other guides of yours are any better? So, in other words, I’m not convinced that spending $ on this will make my game any faster, or better

      • Dugi

        @Noprince, Not sure what sort of answer that you’re looking for. Obviously we invested a lot of time and money to create these guides and have our customers results to proof it. The features in our product are exclusives and helped a lot of players.

        I can’t make you want our guide, if you don’t feel its right for you then don’t buy it.

    • Dugi

      I just cleared the back log of tickets, if anyone still have questions or problems please contact me via ticket support for urgent assistance.

    • kclark420

      just purchased all/horde dailies and events through my account and did not get the free guide being offered.

    • Knijpertje

      Just bought Lore and Dungeonguide but I can see The Achievement, Profession, Pet, Mount, Reputations, Gathering Guide???
      What did I doe wrong???

    • Brady

      I subscribed to this about a month ago. Do I need to purchase the achievement and profession guide to get the Mount, Companions, Titles and Gathering Guide for free!

    • Champ

      so for old customer, i can just go into my account and choose a guide? what happens after I buy a dailies, how can I redeem my achievement guide?

      • Dugi

        @Champ, it should be added automatically.

    • Roland Craig

      Since I have all the other guides is there a chance of a reduced price for alliance and horde package to celebrate a great product?

      Thanks in advance

    • Mathias

      I just buyed it at normal price…

    • Lav


      I have the Dugi Guides leveling Horde and Alliance, I’ll have some discount to buy the Arch/Prof ?


      • Sylvie


        Thank you for the tip Jon. I have bought Alliance and Horde lore & dungeons directly from my account and I got the free guide for alli and horde. I love those guides : they really help. I hope I had them 5 years ago when I had pain to lvl up my resto druid :p

    • Maria G

      As what others alike have said; How about those of us who have already purchased everything? I use mine and have already ditched Carbonite, so no need to convince me, but it would be nice give loyalty alimited time offers too. 🙂

    • Jon

      So If I buy through “My Account” Will I get the Profession and Achievement guide for free?

      • Jon

        @Jon, Never mind, It does. Just go too your account and buy something and it will automatically come with.

    • artheon

      I am finding this whole process very hard to get into. Created an account, tried the link to change password and still doesnt work. Tried to purchase the Dailes guide, but I think the links etc are just too hard for an old fella like me to understand.

      • Maria G

        @artheon, You’re not alone. Online pages not very user friendly for individual guide download, nor is the interface from the installer when notified of update, (for installer, not guides). Still not sure how i eventually got the ‘installer updated’. But once I did and got back in game…Awesome! 🙂

    • Dugi

      We’re not able to give a “one size fits all” solution for everyone, if this promotion doesn’t apply to you please contact me in ticket support so I can take a look at your account and see what we can do.

      • Sylvie


        When I am on the window to get the offer I have no member link so I am fulfilling the form and then I have an error message saying my name is already taken. Any idea what I can do?

        • Kiloee

          @Sylvie, what about choosing another login name? if this is the only issue that appears

        • Dugi

          Click on the My account link above and you can purchae it from there.

      • Jessy

        @Dugi, Hey Dugi, I have already bought all your guides except these, was saving up for it. I love them all and use them every day lol. Would love to see about getting in on this promotion, but if not I’ll be back to buy them when I get the extra money.

        Thanks Dugi,
        I have loads of fun with the guides,

    • Steffen

      A couple af days ago, i bought the alliance and Horde package, am i getting the offer automaticly then?

    • Treklore

      what if we have already bought these guides

    • Kat

      Awwww i have all the guides except for the Alliance dailies and events, thats so not fair lol

    • Felidori

      I already bought all your guides, very happy with them. Any chance or getting a refund for my Achievement guide? xD

    • Paul R. Johnson

      I already have the Alliance & Horde Achievements & Professions Guide. Do I need to subscribe to this as well or will my current subscription(s) include it?

      • Dugi

        @Paul R. Johnson, your current subs will included already.

    • James

      boo hoo… all I have left to buy are the Achievements & Professions Guides, so no freebie for me! 🙂

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