I hope everyone had a good Christmas because we sure did!

This email is to notify you that our latest Dugi Guides update 4.4644 is now available.

You can update by using our installer or download below

Most notable update is that the Quest Skipping (X) feature for level 1-60 and 80-85 should now be working a lot better than before.

Although I would still recommend skipping the entire zone once you reach the minimum level requirement for the next zone.

This method is faster and a  safer way to skip ahead.

Also a large update for In-Game 1-525 Profession Guide

Now that you’re level 85 its time to level your professions, and our 1-525 Profession Leveling Guide will show you how to level the  fastest and cheapest way.

We are proud to provide you with the first and only In-Game Profession Leveling guide for World of Warcraft.
Our profession leveling guide was already updated to level 525 for Cataclysm before it went live.

But since then it has been fine tuned to almost perfection. This is one of the most valuable tools that you will use again and again for all your characters.

If you don’t have it yet, you can get it by purchasing our Achievement & Profession Guides for a low price of $20 for a single faction or $30 for both factions.

Click the link below for more information about our Achievement & Profession Guides.


Current members can purchase from the members area link below and use the pull down menu on your right.



We are currently still working on the Daily guides update for Cataclysm and we’re almost done. I’m sorry for the delay so far and I would just like to assure you that we are on top of it.

Alright thats it for today, have a great New Year!

Yours Truly

    13 replies to "Updates Galore!: Dugi Guides 4.4644"

    • Penny Kerekes

      Absolutley love your guide!!!! I’m currently working on Loremaster….and your guide has been extremely helpful…until…………..KALIMDOR!! I know I am alliance….but would love the same help in Kalimdor. Will there be a update for that?

    • Tim

      Hi Dugi, as always, I want to preface my question or request by saying “Great guide folks!”
      It is a credit to you that people feel free to make requests about things that may make the guide better, as well. Or rather, it is a credit to you that people have the expectation that you might do something about it. Once again I have an idea of something that would be VERY useful, and easy. What I really could use is a quartermaster guide. Its difficult to find good information about cata quartermasters. Even after I find them, it’s sometimes hard to remember what they have. Especially when you play different classes. It would be great if you had a simple guide that shows how to get to the various quartermasters(at least the cata quartermasters) and a complete list of what they sell.

    • Frederick Blundell

      I just want to say how much I appreciate the new (to me anyway) download procedure. Two clicks and you’re done. Does it get any better than this?? Why not comment on it Dugi for those like myself who might have missed it.

      • Dugi

        we are always trying to make it better 🙂

    • Jonathan

      Is it me, or is the quest “A Sort of Homecoming” missing from the DK quest chain now? The guide says to pick it up from Knight Commander Plaguefist, but he doesn’t have it, only gives you A Special Surprise which is not in the guide. Without the Homecoming quest, a DK can’t complete the guide.

      What gives?

      Oh in case it matters, I’m a Goblin DK.

      • Jonathan

        Aha… ok so it’s just a question of being out of order. The guide doesn’t say to pick up A Special Surprise. Once you do that quest, you can get A Sortof Homecoming.

      • Dugi

        I think we have missed this quest for the new races, as each race have a unique quest ID, thank you for pointing this out, we will fix it very soon.

    • Dugi

      We can definately fix that up. As I have mentioned in your email regarding the obselete quest, you need to update your guide. Make sure you enter your account information in the settings menu of the installer so the guides get updated not just the addon.

    • Colin

      Hi Dugi

      Happy New Year all guides are great keep up excellent work.
      I know you like customers feed back, so I’ve couple off issues what I find frustrating
      I started a new character Goblin Mage lvl 38 now (hoping to see how fast I can lvl) as you know by my emails hit problems (quest in guides have been remove by Blizz but still in guide)
      The Major issue is Not Enough Information on where and who you get quest,s in towns Let Take Booty Bay
      (33) The Captains Chest ok you give cords But not ncp name or location.(On pier )
      (32) Scaring Shaky( where) you give cords) but no name off ncp and position
      (33) Handing in quest Cord no name or position(if you have to hand in later forget where ncp is, could mention more in other areas, But you get the picture,

      What frustrates me more and takes time is when you say go to pick up or hand it quest buy cords and the way points point down (Ill give example Booty flight ncp you have to go through tavern up stair to get quest,) but all in shows is waypoint point down, if you mention name and position its a lot quicker.

      There no way I will change guides its not all ways the content off the guides but the person who’s behind it, and all ways listens and responds to your clients(that goes a long way in my opinion)

    • Sam Wagner

      Hey Dugi, I was just wondering if you were working on a Cataclysm Dailies guide?

    • Tanya

      🙂 Thanks Dugi 🙂

    • JoAnn

      Thank you Dugi!

    • Mortalcoma

      gratz thank you for all you have give us this work’s grat but one thing can you put like a all in one guide like the lvling the Por… and more.. and see hw it go’s ???

      Thank you

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