A new update is available to all Dugi members for first week of the Shadowlands pre-patch event called Death’s Risin. Update now to the latest version and you can find the new guides in the Dailies > Shadowlands section of the guide


    7 replies to "Shadowlands Pre-Launch Event Guide"

    • shakhnorris

      i cannot see the shadowlands guide even when i downloaded it. please help./

    • alexa

      Thank you v ery much. Off to download iin install. ☺

    • pribut

      Thanks, Dugi!

    • bogyvaly

      Thank you! However, recheck the Death’s Rising Pre-quest tom tom points cause are quite off

    • doghunter

      Thank you Dugi and your team for all the hard work that you do excellent 🙂

    • shjordan

      Thank you dugi! <3

    • Jason

      Thank you!

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