New Shadowlands Covenant Campaign and Daily guides have now been added with 8.931 update.

You can find these guides in the Daily section. This is included for free for all subscription users.

Loyalty program members will need to purchase the Shadowlands Achievement & Profession guides to get the Covenant campaign guides

The Covenant campaign guides are quite long guide and still a work in progress, we will get it complete all the way to level 40 Renown soon.

And third due to popular demand, we have added a “Story Only” leveling mode that will skip side quests for each zone.


    30 replies to "Shadowlands Covenant Campaign and Daily guides"

    • allegrovee

      subscribed to the monthly membership, logged in to a lvl 60, and the UI loaded all right, but see only a few guides, much less than the picture above. For excample, I don’t see elites, bosses, mounts, or pets.

      Is this NOT included in the monthly subscription?

    • jgelinas25

      when are you putting out the 9.1 stuff?

    • Nick Cuaresma

      What about after you have chosen your coven and the quests that follow. Example I have chosen Revenderth, and there are a bunch of quests after that, is there a guide for that? I have to follow the Wow Guide and it sucks. You have to flip back and forth between the world and the map.

      • Nick Cuaresma

        Sorry, it says it’s still a work in progress. D0h!!!

    • mistify321

      sorry the shadowlands COVENANT CAMPAIGN AND DAILY GUIDES

      • Dugi

        It is in the Shadowlands Achievement & Profession update

        • mistify321

          thank you i guess i got confused that i have to purchase the new one as i am already a member

          • mistify321

            juat also wanted to mention that i was also look for the COVENANT CAMPAIGN AND DAILY GUIDES as stand alone guides to add on to my membership

    • mistify321

      where do i purchase there guides

      • crzydave

        Did you get an answer? I am also looking for the individual update and not the subscription?

        • Dugi

          Hi you can purchase updates from the members area

          • crzydave

            That link only allows me to sign up for a subscription. Unless I am missing something. I have also looked after signing in as a member. Do you have a link to the guide?

            • Dugi

              It’s already included as part of your Shadowlands Update purchase

    • Anonymous

      Great work… but it’s been over a month and still no Shadowlands dungeon and other content? Dugi abandoned his guides once again?

      • Dugi

        we’re working on it, we just had the christmas holidays and we took some time off.

    • pascaletmartine43

      4 fois que je desinstalle et reinstale rien sur shadowlands votre guide est il bien a jour parce que je la je commence a douter je n’ai jamais eu de soucis avec les autres autres extentions la une catatrophe.

    • durseyknight

      dugi launcher say 8.933 i bought years one i was wanting shadowlands im not see it what am i missing? try to go to products and it not showing anything there for shadowlands thank you

    • ProBlocker

      Thank You For this Update!
      Although I already have done most of it for my main, It Will Be awesome to use for my many Alts I need to Level! 😀
      You are awesome.

    • deschutes

      HI Dugi,
      I have the latest version, but am still not seeing the covenant guide. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

    • Rosanator

      Am not finding the “Shadowland Covenant Campaign and Daily guide” to purchase for loyalty customers. Would like to purchase but can not find where to do so on your site.

      • Dugi

        Hi you should get it from the Shadowland Achievement & Profession Update

        • Rosanator

          Thank you. I\Is the Shadowland Achievement & Profession Guide available on your site currently? or is it an up coming guide? If so about when will it be released for purchase? Thank you again!!!

    • alhai

      I can’t see covenant guide under achievement section

      • Dugi

        We placed it under the leveling section so it is easier to find

        • rmsides

          I still cannot find it. Can you provide a link?

    • genttech

      FYI… Each time installer Launches it installs update to retail and classic. But, check out the recorded versions. I ran an reinstall and no change.
      Please advise!

      • genttech

        Current Newest
        Retail 8.931 8.930
        Classic 1.34 1.34

      • Dugi

        that should be fixed now

    • Sharon Hobbs

      I am having the problem of the guides loading since Shadowlands. My DG loader is number 1.5.0 version. Asked relative what theirs was and theirs is 1.4.9. She is not having this problem. Further, just what is the Essentials Guide vs regular guides? Love the guides but what am I doing wrong.

      • Dugi

        If you’re using the Twitch installer set “Dugi Questing Essential” on ignore with Twitch, and reinstall only using Dugi Installer.

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