If you’re a new users you will need to watch this brand new video covering the most important aspect of Dugi Guides addon that will help you level faster.

This is a 5 minutes video that will show you all you need to know without going into too much unnecessary detail. We still have the in-depth tutorials in our videos section.

We are also committed to help our users install the guide, get started or resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

skype-(1)Which is why I would like to introduce Skype as part of our Tech Support tool.

You can now contact us live on Skype by adding us to your contact or send a message to our Skype account: DugiGuides 

We hope to use Skype to assist with any urgent matters otherwise  please continue to use our forum or ticket support.

    8 replies to "Quick Start Guide and Dugi Skype Account"

    • kyleb

      Fantasic Dugi, i have leveled a character without your guide 1-90 and took about 3 and a half days of gametime then i switched to your guide and oh boy has it changed the way i level i can now do it in about 3 days thanks so much!

      • santa_fe

        @kyleb, 3.5 – 3 days??? Why on earth are you playing a role-playing game?

        It takes me months and yes I truly love the assistance that Dugi’s Guides give me so I don’t waste time like on my first 4 toons, but isn’t the point of the game to enjoy it? How can you do that with a 3 day lvl 90.

        Maybe it’s cos I’m PVE vs PVP, Raiding etc but I am stunned by your comment. It almost sounds like you’ve wasted your money with the guide by dropping half a day.

        • Eagleman

          @santa_fe, 3 days of gametime, probably spread over weeks or months

          • RobbyFox

            @Eagleman, three days is normally 3/5 weeks versus 2months


      So how do I access this SKYPE account?

      • Dugi

        @CHARLIE CAIN, you need to download skype software from skype.com and from there you can add DugiGuides as a contact.

    • darksahde

      Lol, you’re asking to get spammed.

      • Dugi

        @darksahde, we’re used to it 🙂

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