Midsummer Festival
 begins on June 21st to July 5th,  and we got the complete in-game guide available for you!

Simply update your Dugi Guides to with our installer (available in our download page below)
Midsummer Festival

The in-game guide will take you through the Achievement and also provide you with the best route to find every single bonfire location and earn over 1500g while doing it!

This is also the BEST time of the year to level because for two weeks you can…

  •  Gain 10% MORE experience with the Ribbon Dance buff
  •  Gain Bonfire Blessing buff which almost double your character’s damage!

During this event you can also get…

  • Get special items that will set your hands and feet on FIRE!
  • Juggle Dozens of flame torch with your characters.
  •  Impress your friends with the Flame Brazier to turn yourself to a dancing Draenie torch!

Also check out Midsummer Festival guide on wowhead for more info.


    11 replies to "MoP Midsummer Festival Guide"

    • Zaalginar

      I am seeing some toons with Midsummer and some are only showing Outlands and NR. I have tried to reload, reinstall and update and it does nothing. Any suggestions?

      • Dugi

        @Zaalginar, You have the incorrect install path.

        check your version of Dugi Guides from game at the addon menu in the character select screen.

        • Rodger Moore

          @Dugi, I changed the path and even deleted the old version. It would not install but am trying a manual install.

        • Zaalginar

          @Dugi, I had to delete the files, manually install them and then reinstall with the installer. It looks like I have the correct version now. Thanks Dugi! Cheers

    • ac30fspad3s

      Love the guides! Keep up the good work!

    • Bones

      Dugi I updated my guide and it only offers Northrend 70+ and Outland 60+…why don’t I see Azeroth 50+ and Pandaria 85+…I can fly around Pandaria and hope to find the locations but your posted picture shows these two missing guides…HELP!!!

      • Dugi

        @Bones, update your guides again and it should be there.

        • Bones Simpson

          @Dugi, I’ve updated my guides to 6.559 and it’s still the same…this is the first time I’ve been disappointed.

          • Bones Simpson

            @Bones Simpson, Dugi I’ve got Window 8…it took some doing but I got it…still the Events Main main window doesn’t show that I’ve completed Pandaria or Outland even though I’ve completed both…when I highlight and click it shows 100%

    • Honey lynn

      love your guides… you make everything so simple and quick … thanks again

    • Nathan

      Thanks for another great update! 🙂

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