[content_box_red width=”95%”]This special offer is now closed, thank you to everyone that purchased.
The bonus coupons had been sent. If you still haven’t received it please contact me via ticket support with the correct email address that you used to purchased Skill Capped.

Click to watch Skill Capped video review and special offer which comes with free bonus Dugi Guides $35 coupon voucher.

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Can be used to order one of these products…

  • Alliance Leveling Guide ($35.00)
  • Alliance Lore & Dungeon Guide ($30.00)
  • Alliance Dailies & Events Guide ($30.00)
  • Horde Leveling Guide ($35.00)
  • Horde Lore & Dungeon Guide ($30.00)
  • Horde Dailies & Events Guide ($30.00)

Coupon is not available for Achievement & Profession guide, you can use this coupon for your own account or give it away to a friend for them to create a new account for free.

Terms and Conditions: Only applies to Skill Capped annual subscription purchased on Dec 9th – Dec 11th, and coupon will be sent to your email used to purchase Skill Capped account. The Coupon are manually verified and due to the high volume of sign-ups please allow a few days for us to send your coupon code.[/content_box_yellow]

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#070268″]Skill Capped Discount Offer For Dugi Guides Subscribers
1 Year Subscription for $60 $37.99 [/headline_arial_medium_centered]


  • Over 500 Cataclysm WoW training videos
  • 12 new videos per week (average)
  • For every class and talent specs
  • Covers battlegrounds, dueling, Arena, specs, gearing, macros, addons
  • Covers patch 4.3 content updates and righ through to Mist of Pandaria
  • Support and help from verified Gladiator players.
  • ALL content are exclusive to Skill Capped

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    45 replies to "Skill Capped Special Offer Dec 9th – Dec 11th"

    • cybrok

      Omg, thank you sooo much, I decided to test how good it was when I first bought it, so I made a brand new mage, i used full heirlooms and guild bonus, HE HIT 85 IN 2 DAYS AND 21 HOURS!!!! I was AMAZED when I saw that. Thanks again SOOO much.

    • JT

      love this guide! but its so pricy!!

    • crustum

      Dugi i have not gotten the gift card i used your link and all. what should i do?

      • Dugi

        @crustum, If you still haven’t received it please contact me via ticket support with the correct email address that you used to purchased Skill Capped.

    • ßutter

      hi there, **** i missed it. stupid i got messed up with the date line tried to get it but couldnt even tho for my time zone it was the 9th, then was away from the real world for 10days, no service area and no cellphone coverage either, arrrrrrrrgh !!. now im back and missed it.

      yes there are still internet ***** holes in this country of new zealand, /sigh


    • ron

      Hi Dugi I viewed the free guide while i was at work and tried to print it, the printer did not work. when I got home i tried to view the guide again but it was gone, i no longer had access to it. My question is if there is any possibility to get the free guide again? i didnt get very far into it and would like to evaluate it a little more before i purchase the whole thing to see if it fits what im looking for! Thank you in advance and your guides are great!! Merry Christmas! Ron miller

    • Chris

      Tried to order this during the sale but it declined my credit card, Skill Capped also never replied to me when I e-mailed them. Is there anyway that I can still get the gift card if it were to work at a later time?

      • Chris

        @Chris, I also tried to buy another Dugi’s Guide and it did the samething.

    • Cory

      boooooooo…. took a few days off from playing and missed the sale. Interested in leveling guide, this might have been a no-brainer to do. Any other promos coming up?

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