A quick reminder and repost, Darkmoon Faire 4.3 is now LIVE! Dec 4th – Dec 10th

Check it out right now, its tons of fun or you should at least complete the profession quest for a free +5 skill points.

Our latest version 5.3130 also contains the new Achievement and Dailies guide for Darkmoon Faire.

Quick Summary of  Darkmoon Faire 4.3:

  • Darkmoon Faire is only available for 1 week each month, usually the first week of the month (check in-game calendar.
  • 6 New Pets purchasable with Darkmoon Tickets
  • 2 New Mounts purchasable with Darkmoon Tickets
  • Level 1-80 Heirloom items are also available with Darkmoon Tickets to save you from grinding Honor or Justice Points  for heirlooms.
  • Once a month easy Profession quests which will give you +5 Skill points no matter what level you’re at, available for all profession. Extremely handy to help you max out your profession to level 525 and save a lot of gold.

    9 replies to "Darkmoon Faire 4.3 is here!"

    • fordahord

      Sorry, but I thought this video was less helpful than many. Too much movement, too fast, too little information, and nothing is “obvious”.

      One step at a time might be a bit easier to follow.



      • wyvern62

        @fordahord, I agree:Too much info,too fast. I mean,the commentator is pleasant enough,but he is talking too fast and running around too much.

    • tonythetiger

      All is well now, I updated DG before i played today, then logged out, then the guide worked,

    • tonythetiger

      Dugi the guide is not in the events tab?

      • Dugi

        @tonythetiger, should be there, make sure your guide is updated.

    • Dugi

      Auto quest accept should not complete any quest with reward, but I will double check with the Darkmoon quest.

    • Mulpet

      Be careful with the auto quest accept. When completing the BS Horseshoe quest, it auto accepted a Darkmoon game token as the reward.

      • Mulpet

        Nevermind, you get all 3.

    • tonythetiger

      Thanks for the quick updates Dugi!

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