I’m excited to share with you a sneak peak of our brand new feature for Dugi In-Game Guides that we like to call the NPC Journal.

Our original goal is to be able to provide players with quick tips on how to fight Dungeon or Raid Bosses for each role (DPS, Heal, Tank). With this feature you don’t have to worry about jumping into a new Raid or Dungeon with other players as you can instantly look up tips without alt-tabbing to find information on a website.

This feature will be useful to instantly look up information or a guide for these specific NPCs

  • Rare Elites
  • Dungeon Bosses
  • Raid Bosses
  • World Bosses

And we thought it is also a good idea to expand this feature for…

  • Battle Pets (Companions)
  • Mounts

You can load the NPC Journal by targeting the NPC / Pets / Mounts, then a special button will appear on your screen. Clicking the button will instantly load information about the targeted NPC.


In this example the NPC Journal display information about a rare NPC in Pandaria,  this is really handy when you come across a Rare elite that can be very deadly if you don’t know what you’re up against. And it will continue to be very useful for the next expansion (Warlords of Draenor) as new tougher Rare Elite emerges.


You can look up their abilities and also notable loot.


Please note that nothing you see here is final as there are still a lot of work to be done. We also have plans to add a green button in the text area that you can click on it to load a waypoint. We can use this to create a detailed written style guides for the Battle Pets and Mounts.

We are planning to release this latest feature as soon as we can and since it will be an optional module there will be small fee for those that want to have it. It won’t be free for loyalty members since this is not an update on existing products.

We haven’t decided on the price yet. But as always, we aim to provide extremely good value and we will offer some early bird discount.

Ok I hope you will like this new feature and look forward to it. Don’t hesitate to post your thoughts or suggestions in the comment section below.

Stay tuned to our newsletters or blog for more info later.


    20 replies to "Preview – NPC Journal Feature"

    • Michael Blanchett

      I never have Play Alliance. (I have the Alliance Leveling Guide because I wanted the Achievement “Double Agent”) Now that I have it I’m sure I’ll never use it again.
      Now to My Question, I really don’t want to change a thing about My account, will it remain the same or must I switch to the New Guide?
      Thanks again.
      Yours Truly, Mike

    • Michael Blanchett

      You’re the best Man, I wouldn’t use another Guide if someone gave it to Me!!!!
      Sincerely, Mike

    • Dirrrty

      I agree Sam. In all the years I have played I have never known it to be so bad. It would seem that there is a whole new generation playing this who have never had a clip round the ear.

    • scrane76

      Will those who bought the packages before you went to the new pricing system get this as an auto update or do we have to buy it?

      • scrane76

        nvm just saw it will cost

    • Medrod

      Looks good. One question: Will those that “own” your products be able to buy this, too, or will we have to rent it by the year? I don’t really like the “rent some by the year and have some that last forever” mix.

      • Dugi

        Yes you can, the current pricing model is not the same as “rent” because you purchase a year worth of updates and you get to keep using it.

    • wyvern62

      Sounds good!! When will it be available?

      • Dugi

        Our goal is by the end of the month.

    • OldFart74

      Very clever and it appears to be well done. I may even try doing Raids and Dungeons one of these days.

      I sure wish you had a guide to DREAD WASTES in PANDARIA though.

      • Dugi

        we do have a guide for Dread Waste. If this is missing for you and you have all our guides then please contact our support.

      • Leon Fowler

        OldFort74, What seems to be the problem with DREAD WASTES? I have play there a lot.By the way I am 74 as of Feb.22,I’m usually on Destromath [Toon,[Zummia] she Is “ORC” LVL 90?I have another A male ORC LVL38 running now. If you want to run sometime let me know.I do have other toons.

        • fdgiggy

          Leon, I think you must be addressing me OldFArt74 – turned 75 in March.
          It may be my age, but i have no recollection about adding the DREAD WASTES comment tho.
          I don’t even know what it is. Guess i better check it out. Sure is fun getting old and screwing up these serious youngsters games w/o meaning too, isn’t it?
          Have fun while you can – lol

        • Errans

          Hey Leon! Great finding your comment & that of “fdgiggy” here too! I’m just a kid being only 70 Last Nov!
          Wonder how many other players are our ages? “Dirrrty” made a comment (above) which makes him older than a teenager! LOL I have to agree with what he said too!

    • Jadant

      Excellent idea..
      just a spelling error…”And we though it is also a good idea to expand this feature for…”..though should be thought (or thawt!)….

    • SHJordan

      Can’t wait=DDD

    • flyinup

      I just got back into wow and I got the all in one guide for 1 year! This site has grown so much sense then!

    • Nuz

      Looking good. 🙂
      After playing WoW for about 4 years I’m starting to do more dungeons so this will come in quite handy. Also hopefully give me a fighting chance against the Pandarian rare mobs!

      • Sam

        I agree, Nuz!…This may well help me to get going in dungeons 🙂
        Also, Why are random groups so rude now days?

        • Errans

          Sam, they are only teenagers…A frightening thought!

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