Did you recently boosted a character to 90 that came free from the expansion pre-order?

I hate to break this to you…

because it’s not as great as it sound once you discover that you only get 150g in your bag which makes it a very poor maxed level character with no profession to make gold.

Where if you had leveled your character the traditional way you will likely have over 10,000 gold in your pocket which you can use to level your professions, mounts, pets, new gear, gems and enchants for your gear.

I think a common misconception with Dugi Guides is that it’s only good for leveling…

but here’s our top 5 reasons of why you still need Dugi Guides at level 90.

1. Timeless Isle Guide

A boosted level 90 character will begin in the Timeless Isle and this guide is extremely useful to help you complete the Timeless Isle quests and also to easily locate all the treasure chests which will contain many epic upgrades for your gear (ilvl 496)


2. Profession Guides

Leveling a profession from 0 to 600 is going to take a lot of time and money… Dugi Profession guide is the perfect companion to help you level any profession quickly and cost effective. The profession guide also comes with farming route and location if you want to collect your own materials.

3. MoP Daily Quest Guides

Earn Gold, Valor points and Reputations by using Dugi Daily Quest guides.


4. The Tillers Farming Guide

Build your farm with the Tiller Daily Quest guide and spend as little as 5 minutes per day to collect over 500g gold.

Check out the special video below to discover how it works.

5. MoP Leveling Guides

Last but not least, the MoP Leveling Guides are still useful at level 90 because you can complete all the quests and earn extra gold instead of XP because you’re already maxed level, eg completing the Dread Waste guide will earn you over 1000 gold plus gear rewards that you can disenchant or vendor.


Of course there are many other reasons to use Dugi Guides such as completing your achievements, leveling new characters or simply using the handy addon features such as the GPS waypoint arrow, Map Tracking and Gear Advisor. 

Warlords of Draenor expansion is due to release 12/20/2014  or earlier, which means you will be covered for the expansion with our one year updates that comes with your purchase. And you will have plenty of time to make use of the guides before the expansion aswell.

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    25 replies to "Boosted a level 90? Our top 5 reasons why you will still need Dugi Guides…"

    • Gracehopper

      Where do I find the Timeless Isle guide?

    • Jeff Travers

      While I will first state that Dugi guides are still very useful in so many ways, I can’t agree with the first claim that you only end up with 150g in your bags with a boost. You ‘end up’ with all necessary flying (except one I think, for super fast mounts) already paid for! That is worth thousands of gold. You get a full set of embersilk bags which go for 500-600 gold EACH on the AH.

      So yes, I still use Dugi Guides and recommend them, but no, I don’t recommend leveling a toon if you are one of the many who are fatigued from mmos and can’t stand the thought of leveling. Boost a toon and get back into the best game around!

    • Kwis

      First off let me let you know that I’m 68 years old and have enjoyed the game so much better after finding your guide. But and there’s is alowies a but. I live on pension and cannot afford to buy a new computer every time Blizzard comes out with a new expansion pack. I have like 4 computers already and the latest is a Pivilion dv5 entertainment with 69bits and 4G of ram and its STILL not good enough. Your game guide has been my light at the tunnel but I really cannot afford to keep buying computers for Blizzard gain. YOUR game Guides are golden and everything you have said they are. But this ol Lady it at the end except for your guides. I wish and endorse your product well. Diana M Davis.. God Speed and keep up the good work.

    • rakunay1

      I love Dugi Guides and you definadly still need it at level 90!:)

    • fdgiggy

      Thanks for the Vid. I am exalted in the Tillers and had no idea what those items were worth.
      Have been using your guide for years and have never been disappointed and am amazed at all of the improvements you have made over the years.
      Really excelletn and if i HAD to bet, i would bet you are currently working on a 90-100 guide.
      Beats all competitors i have tried by miles and miles.

    • Ztc

      This is the only place where I can leave a message without the need to create account…

      So, sorry for offtopic, but I am hoping that you read this message.

      Dugi Questing Essential is a great addon, but very invasive. I dont know why settings have Their Own frame (they are not in the interface like most of addons), but it is not a problem. I have a problem with Watch Frame. There is no option to addon do not interfere with WatchFrame. By this I can not change the size and position of WatchFrame by other addons, after delete WatchFrame.lua from Dugi its better but then sound on end quest gets bugged, and still sometimes WatchFrame auto resize herself. My request is to implement sizeing option to Dugi Questing Essential, or place option to disable interfereing to WatchFrame, or cases that do not interfere with MoveAnythink and SexyMap.

      Thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes, using google translation.

      • Dugi

        hi Ztc, if you should go to Dugi settings > Frames and tick Watch Frame Compatibility mode enabled. This should resolve the problems with the WatchFrame.

        • Ztc

          I havent “Watch Frame Compatibility mode” in Frames i have only “Show DG Icon Button” and button “Reset Frame Position”

          • Dugi

            this is because you deleted watchframe.lua , reinstall the full addon.

    • fatboymicrochip

      Personally, I’ve boosted 3 characters to level 90. All of them I levelled to 60 using Dugi Guides, before boosting and while I’m certainly not a ******** leveller I managed to breeze each of them through to 60 between 20 and 23 hours playtime. I don’t think that there’s any way I’d have been able to do this as quick without these excellent guides, complete value for money even when boosting characters.

    • wowdead

      An instant level 90 is one thing, but thats just a small part of what comes next, with Dugi Guides you get the whole package, for me there is no way i would want to level thru WoD without Dugi Guides, after having levelled 15 characters to 90 with Dugi, let alone all the reputation daily quests that will be in WoD plus all my professions ill be levelling also, i will be wanting to do all this the most efficient way & thats what Dugi does best.

    • lucifersown

      hi dugi and staff thanks for being there for us all and i dis agree with player that say the boosting systym for get the exp for wow is bad i lvl at lest 5 charicters useing dugis guide and have that 6th done for geting the exp is a graet thanks but i still use you guide and will till i give wow up

    • Miniandre

      I wondered how are you supposed to sell the motes, when their are soulbound?

      • Glenn Stewart

        You don’t sell the motes. The motes are used to make items that you sell.
        For example, Living Steel is easy to make with motes. Tiller farm minerals and motes with a few characters and can probably make about 700g worth of Living Steel a day (2 bars).

        Just farming minerals alone, you could only make 1. With motes, you aren’t restricted to a daily amount.

    • wyvern62

      I boosted a 33 warrior yesterday,and am quite pleased with her.I am also very pleased that Dugi has our backs once again. I am leveling mining already and am doing all the quests in the starting area.I don’t foresee any problems with Dugi in our corner!!

    • Barbara Simandl

      You are so right

    • BillyG

      WoW Dugi ! you just nail it every time only got my level 90 boos 3 days ago and your already banging out tips for me LoL! you’re just a super tool mate

    • Keeran87

      I boosted 2 of my Chars but still your guide is awesome and it was worth every single pennny!!!
      Im still very thankfull to your hard work! keep going

      with best regardds keeran

      • wyvern62

        May I ask how you boosted two toons?

        • TheWholeTruth

          So many noobs playing these games…sigh…he could have 2 accounts he upgraded with WoD…or he could have spent $60 in the store to boost the characters…there are lots of ways to boost characters in WoW…

    • reaper

      lol I totally agree with u about boost free 90 really ****, so I still stay with u best everything info

    • Amestueur

      I thought your two professions chosen are bumped to 600. Is this not true?

      • Dugi

        Only for level 60 and above from veteran bonus.

    • Arya

      Hey ! Dugi and staff !
      I Think that get lvl 90 without doing nothing ****’s 🙁
      And i love you guy’s and im never living dugiguides !!
      Thank you for Everything you do for your members !!!!

      Love <3 Arya

      • wyvern62

        I beg to differ about”doing nothing.” I already had 4 90’s on one realm,and worked my old behind off to get them there.I have been a faithful WoW player since TBC,and have enjoyed all its permutations.So I rewarded myself and my warrior.Smooth as glass.

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