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malware freeImportant: Make sure WoW is closed before installing and add an exception with your security software to allow the program to run.

MAC OS: Make sure you allow app not from app store to run in your security settings

Click here to view Dugi_Installer_Manual

Follow these steps to use Dugi Guides.

    • Dowload the free Dugi Addon Installer for Windows or Mac
    • For Windows Right click on the Download link and select “Save Target/Link As..” then select your Desktop as the destination folder to place the icon in your desktop
    • Make sure that WoW is closed.
    • Windows: Run DugiGuides.exe (Vista and 7 will need Admin rights and click Yes to allow changes to the computer)
      Mac: Double click on DugiGuides.zip to extract then Double click on DugiGuides.app
    • The settings menu should appear for first time user, or else click the Settings button.
    • The installer should automatically detect your path correctly for your WoW installation, but make sure that the WoW installation path is correct.
      Install Path – <Your Path>\World of Warcraft\_retail_\
      Launcher Path – <Your Path>\World of Warcraft\World of Warcraft Launcher.exe (World of Warcraft Launcher.app for mac)
    • Enter your dugiguides.com Username and Password.
      Trial Users can leave these field as blank and click Ok.
    • Click the Update button and wait until it says ‘Done Installing’
    • Click Play to begin playing WoW with Dugi Guides.

To keep our guides updated to the latest build, simply run the Installer before you play WoW and the Installer will check for new update and install it automatically for you.

This is the Manual download link if you need to install your guide manually.
You can follow the manual instruction here.

The All-In-One Download link will automatically select all your AddOns and paid guides package into one zip file for easy installation. If you’re not logged in you will only be able to download the free AddOns and Guides.

Registered Users: Please Log In to download all your guides.

User Help: Dugi Guides Manual