Hi everyone, WoW Patch 7.1 is here (tomorrow for EU servers) and you will need to update Dugi Guides to the latest version.

As always, you can update using our installer available from the link below

Note: US users will need to tick “Load out of date addons” from the addons menu to load Dugi Guides, we will update the addon version for patch 7.1 after EU servers are also patched tomorrow

The latest patch 7.1 have imposed some changes with our waypoint system while inside an instance.

It is no longer possible to display a dynamic waypoint arrow on your screen when you are in an instance. This is because Blizzard has disabled the crucial functions required for the waypoint arrow to calculate the character’s position and direction. Blizzard has disabled these functions primarily to reduce the effectiveness of Raiding addons, the loss of the waypoint arrow will only impact the Dungeon guides.

However, it is still possible for the Dugi addon to place waypoints on the map. Our current solution is to add a map button that you can click and show the destination of the waypoint arrow.


Upon clicking the map button you will notice that the waypoint arrow will play a MapPing animation for easier visual reference.

I know this may come as a surprise and disappointment for some user. Unfortunately, this is Blizzard’s decision and we will continue try to find a better solution.

We have recently added most of the Legion Profession Guides, you can find it in the Professions section of the guide.

Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Cooking, Fishing, Fishing are still coming


More updates for patch 7.1 are coming soon, it is our top priority.

Enjoy the patch!


    6 replies to "Patch 7.1 Dugi Addon Changes"

    • Davida20020

      Waypoint arrow not available in outside questing. 8.127 has been applied.

      • Davida20020

        8.129 applied and waypoint is available outside again.

    • Roki

      When will the Jewel crafting guide be available?
      Thanks for your awesome work!

      • Dugi

        as soon as possible, we are working on it.

    • Bogy

      Sorry guys, but waypoint arrow disappear completely from my screen after update 8.126, not only in instance but outside too.

      • Bogy

        Reappear with 8.127. Thanks!

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