Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce that the complete Legion Profession guides are now available. I’m sorry that update took us much longer than expected because a large amount of questing required to level your professions in Legion and it took us a long time to collect all the data we need to create the guides.


We have included as much content as we can with these guides and also improved some of the old profession guides that you might need to help you level.  We have plenty more updates to come for the Achievement guides which are our primary focus now.

You can use our installer available from the link below to download the new guides.


The Legion Profession Guides includes:

  • Alchemy Questing (1-800)
  • Blacksmithing Questing (1-800)
  • Cooking Questing (1-800)
  • Enchanting Questing (1-800)
  • Engineering Questing (1-800)
  • First Aid Questing (1-800)
  • Fishing Questing (1-800)
  • Herbalism Questing (1-800)
  • Inscription Questing (1-800)
  • Jewelcrafting Questing (1-800)
  • Leatherworking Questing (1-800)
  • Skinning Questing (1-800)
  • Mining Questing (1-800)
  • Tailoring Questing (1-800) ]
  • Farming guides for Herbalism, Skinning and Mining

Enjoy the Guides !


    23 replies to "Legion Profession Guides Available Now"

    • Tom

      I have not subscribed to Dugi yet a friend told me about it. I am specifically looking for how to obtain Legion Flying. Do you have a guide for this?

      • Dugi

        Yes this is covered in the achievement section

    • mary Parsonage

      Hi,I have updated to 8.144 and still have profession guides only going to 700. I have been to the members area following the links and manually and I am only given the option to upgrade Alliance guides I do not need but there is no option to purchase profession guides.

    • ejocys

      Another note about gathering profession guide. I think it makes sense to warn users about low drop rates of Rank 2/3 quest drops in advance. I was gathering “Fjarnskaggl” for Rank 2 quest “Ram’s-Horn Trowel” for couple hours and started to suspect that something is wrong about drop rates. Went onto Internet and found claims that even hundreds of gathered nodes (sometimes more than 24 hours of pure gathering per rank) is not enough. It makes idea of maxing out gathering profession futile and players should now it. Message could say something like “very low drop rate and could take days”.

      I think sometimes it not even RNG, because I’ve noticed something fishy when levelling “Underlight Angler”. During evenings, pools in Skold-Ashil (Stormheim) zone sometimes would disappear for hours (~22-02) and during this time I could not fish up any “Ancient Vrykul Ring” around (reveals hidden pools), doesn’t mater where I go. It looked like there is a separate server to dose out important drops and when it is stopped gathering is futile too.

    • Scott Lees

      I have also updated to 8.144 and now have profession guides only going to 700. I am also a loyalty member. Please advise if I need to purchase the new 700-800 profession guides. Thanks.

    • jos3ph

      My guides disappeared after the latest update but I purchased them and now they are back ” Im a loyalty member so I am unsure if I had to purchase them or not ) if I was supposed to get the guides for free please refund the purchase — if we had to buy the update then all is good

    • Eric

      Updated to 8.144 and guides only go to 700.

    • Dragon

      Just updated to 8.144 and my profession guides still only go to WoD. Thanks

      • Dragon

        Haha I have them now I purchased them. Sorry about that 🙂

    • ejocys

      Cooking guide is missing quests required to acquire various recipes (required to pass “A good recipe list” quest).
      For example: Killing “Mordvigbjorn” bear in Stormheim (/way 72.6 50.0) drops “Bear Tartare” recipe. I had to use other guides to collect them:


      P.S. I hope they will be added in the future (in order of how easy and fast they can be acquired).

    • Marty

      Thanks Dugi!

    • Paul Amuchastegui

      Version 8.144 still only shows Warlords, 1-700

    • Leah

      I want to know if I will be charged for this guide as a loyal customer. I was charged for my Legion Guide and was never refunded.

      • Dugi

        hi you should have been refunded, the Achievement & Profession guide is not a part of the loyalty program and will need to be purchase. Can you open a ticket http://ultimatewowguide.com/support/index.php?act=tickets&code=open so we can take a look at your account

        • tatted

          What is the reasoning behind producing guides that are no longer apart of the loyalty program. The point of purchasing enough to be a part of the program was so that one would get all guides that came out afterwords?

          • Dugi

            This has always been the terms from the beginning we didn’t change it.

    • Arya

      Tank you Dugi and staff!!
      Greate jobb ??♥?!!!

    • chaosgremlin

      Thank you thank you thank you.i am having trouble with my alchemy and will find this very helpful

      • Michael Chown

        Thanks for the update but unfortunately it’s still not showing when I update. Can you advise please.

        • hermit

          Same here (8.143). I see the script files listed in “DugiGuide_Prof_Alliance_En\Guides.xml” (but not Horde.) Those lines are looking for “..DugisGuide_profession_Legion\*.lua” and that folder does not exist. I have tried a reinstall, repair, and manually deleting the folders and running the installer.

          • hermit

            Fixed in 8.144

          • Paul Amuchastegui

            I have 8.144, and professions only go 1 to 700

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