This is a quick post to tell you a latest new feature we added called the Training Reminder.

Have you ever reach several levels and forgot to train powerful new skills that would have helped your questing hours ago?

The training reminder is here to let you know what is available for your level, how much it cost and where to find your closest trainer.

This will help you decide whether going back to your trainer is worth it or not without alt tabbing and searching what skill you are available on websites

The feature is fairly simple but effective, you can easily dismiss skills that you don’t want, or set it to remind you later. Or if you don’t like being bothered by it at all you can turn it off by going to Dugi Settings > Other category.

I hope you enjoy the new feature

    7 replies to "New Training Reminder Feature (WoW Classic)"

    • echoblue

      I also am not playing classic at this time but this is a great idea. Wish it was available with the retail game also. I think Dugi Guides are the best.

    • Sneaky

      There appears to be a slight bug with the Rogue class – reminders keep popping up reminding to train for lockpick when the character isn’t of sufficient level to learn it.

    • dragonbro

      Gr8 feature!! Always forget training and this now provides what I need training in.

    • starrmidnight

      This is why Dugi guides is better than the rest.

      • starrmidnight

        However, I do not play classic. lol

    • flamboyant


    • onibaba

      any chance you could help rogues in finding the best places to learn to lockpick?

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