Hi, everyone recently we added some “quality of life” improvements with the Dugi addon.

First one that you might noticed already is the Progress bar feature. The progress bar is a handy a indicator to display your total progress for the current guide. You can disable this feature by turning it off in the Settings > Display section.




The second improvement we added is the Expand Button found in the current guide section. You can use this button to expand the steps view for the current guide to use the entire large frame window.




Next we added an Automatic tutorial. The tutorial will trigger automatically for first time users or you can turn it on by clicking the Help button in the large frame. I highly recommend you give it a test drive if you have just started using Dugi Guides, it will help explain some of the hidden feature of the addon.



Ok, I hope you like these improvements!  If you have any good ideas for features or improvements don’t hesitate to leave it on the comment section below and we will definitely look into it.

– Dugi

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    • garry harris

      why is it that you have my name in your email folder to send me this info,,,, but when i try to receive my password to transfer my account to my new computer, it tells me that the information doesn’t exist?
      I forgot my password..i guess i could try and retreive the files from my old computer in the wow files, but that is going to really be a drag 🙁

      • Dugi

        hi, emailed used for the newsletter might be different than the email used for the account. I can’t seem to find an account under your name or email. can you open a ticket here https://www.ultimatewowguide.com/support/ or reply to the newsletter email to contact me directly with more info to find your account.

    • wywy

      Great additions, thanks for your continued support!

    • Tom

      Dugi! The progress bar is inspired. I love it. I cannot imagine WOW without Dugi’s Guides. Let me agree with so many other users, this is a marvellous product and excellently maintained; your hard work is appreciated. 🙂

    • Mikeart

      Once again another great innovation for your fantastic guides, well done to you all.

    • Karlr1

      Thanks Dugi, awesome

    • Roxanne Russell

      Great ideas for a great product. Thanks for keeping it fresh!

    • Exquisitkill

      Love the new additions/expansions. Thanks for the updates and improvements!!

    • Jo Ann K Robinson

      Thanks Dugi!

    • Ashlei

      After being a follower for so long it’s nice to see more changes keep them coming dugi ?

    • Richard Bentley

      yeah looks neat hope for more features in legion 😀

    • Cathy Grimes

      it looks awesome,

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