One Day Only Sale!

Get the complete Dugi Guides set for a 12 month period for $37
instead of the regular $6.99 / month price (65% Discount)

Offer Available Monday November 30th 2015 ONLY

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#070268″]Regular Price $6.99 / month Today $37/ 12 months
alliance horde wow leveling guide [/headline_arial_small_centered]

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#CC0000″]Members Click Here to Purchase[/headline_arial_small_centered]

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m an existing members with the regular $6.99 subscription can I get this instead my existing purchase?
    Yes, you can purchase this special deal today and your current $6.99 sub will be canceled automatically and the $37 deal will activate for 12 months after your current paid period have expired.

  2. I’m an old member who already have a 12 month subscription, can I purchase the deal today and have it activate once my old 12 month sub expire? 
    Yes, you can purchase this special deal in advance and it will automatically activate after your old sub expire.

  3. Will it include Legion Expansion Update?
    The purchase will cover all patch and expansion updates for up to 12 months, if the Legion expansionis released within the 12 months period then you will be able to download the new updates.

  4. Will it auto renew after 12 months?
    No, after 12 months the purchase will expire and you will need to re-enter your payment information to purchase.

    13 replies to "Cyber Monday (One Day Sale)"

    • David

      Has the Darkmoon Faire guide been updated with all of the newer achievements for the paid version? I tried out the free version and it only has the 2 initial ones with the 4.3 DMF update.

      I am impressed with the add-on so far and this is a tempting offer, but want to make sure it has what I am looking for first.


    • Lynette Whitehead

      I purchased the Cyber Monday special. My previous subscription has/had expired. I have not seen anything telling me how to install the new content. Please help. Also, I have/use two computers. I have/use WoW on both. Is there any way this new stuff can be downloaded onto both computers?
      Thank you.

      • Dugi

        Hi you just install the same way as before
        1. Load Dugi Guides installer available in the download page:
        2. Click on the Settings button
        3. Enter your username and password
        4. Click the Ok button and your paid guides should be listed in the ‘Account’ window on the left hand side of the installer.
        5. Make sure WoW is closed and click the “Reinstall” button to reinstall Dugi Guides and your paid guides

    • rtlboson

      Wait, so this is ALL the guides for 37$??????
      The 6$ subscription is only for leveling guide, right? So, by buying this, I actually got all other guides too?
      If yes, THANK YOU.

      • Dugi

        the $6.99 sub also include all the guides

    • Justinrage

      wait im confused you guys went in the direction of zygor and now use subscriptions to use your guides? so now i gotta pay a sub to use the guides i purchased years ago?!?

      • Dugi

        We have the sub option for over a year now. Old members still have the option for the one-off payment fee.

        • Justinrage

          im Confused though i though dugi guides was not going to sub or is it for those who cant afford the upright amount? how does it work do i still get to use my guides that i bought or do i have to sub now cause its been awhile since i played wow and used the guides as i took like a 1 year break

          • Dugi

            We offer the sub option now and you should still have your existing guide.

    • froggie3232

      Can I purchase a subscription to give to a friend?

      • Dugi

        yes you would need to create an account for them then pass on the login information

    • bernard

      Money back if not happy with purchase.Australian or new Zealand dollors??????

      • Dugi

        it will be the same currency you used to purchase.

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