Hallow’s End begins Oct. 18th – Nov. 1st 2014 and we got the complete in-game guide available for you!
Make sure you update the guides with our installer and you will find it in the events section of our guide.

Event Changes

Hallow’s End has many updates for 2015:

The most exciting update are Garrison Decorations:

Hallow’s End loot is now ilvl 670 for Warlords of Draenor.

Also tied to the event is the amazing costume Exquisite Costume Set: “The Lich King”, new wands such as Hallowed Wand – Slime, new battle pets Widget the Departed and Cursed Birman, and several pug disguises ( “Mad Alchemist” Costume, “Lil’ Starlet” Costume, “Yipp-Saron” Costume).


Observed by both the Horde and the Alliance, Hallow’s End is a celebration of the break between the Forsaken and the Scourge. Many tricks and treats await adventurers seeking holiday fun, including defeating the Headless Horseman, visiting inns and cities for fun items such as masks and costumes, and eating way too much candy in one sitting.

Notable Rewards

During Hallow’s End, players can acquire the title The Hallowed, collect fun mounts like The Horseman’s Reins, and get 3 unique Battle Pets Sinister Squashling , Feline Familiar and Creepy Crate

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    4 replies to "Hallow’s End Event Guide 2015"

    • Valli Leonard-Barnes

      Hi Dugi! Hey, didn’t there also used to be a guide for doing the candy buckets for both sides? I know I have an achievement for doing the Horde buckets on the Alliance side. I’d still like to do the Horde buckets, but now there’s no guide. I tried copying the Horde guides over to the Alliance Events folder, but they didn’t show up. Is there a way to see the Horde guides on Alliance, and vice versa? Thanks!

      • Dugi

        I’m not sure what you mean, Horde guides is strictly for Horde and vice versa. The Alliance should be there already without copying any files over.

        I think your files is probably mixed up now, try reinstalling and the guides should be there for each faction.

        • Valli Leonard-Barnes

          I meant that I wanted to do the Horde buckets on my Alliance toons. I’m not having any trouble with the guides as they are, I’d just like to be able to see the Horde bucket guide on my Alliance toons. I’ve done it before, but I had to do it by looking up all the Horde buckets myself.

        • Valli Leonard-Barnes

          I did it! Took a little trial and error, but I have both Horde AND Alliance candy bucket guides available on my Alliance toons. Yay!

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