Hi everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas and New year.

Recently we released a lot of features for the Dugi addon but we ran out of time to announce it and provide detailed explanations. Some of you might have noticed the new features already if you recently updated and read the change log.

Anyway, check out this new video below which will show you on how to use all the display options in the settings menu, which will also feature the new Multistep Mode. 

To get the new features simply update your addon to the latest version using our installer.

    15 replies to "New Display Options (Multistep Mode)"

    • fordahord

      How do I get rid of the awful picture of the quest item? I keep getting a large portrait of somebody(?), perhaps the object of the quest, or maybe the guy I’m supposed to turn the quest into.

      The portrait takes up way too much space on my screen, and there doesn’t seem to be any way of turning it off. I have to manual click the portrait off. It keeps appearing, unannounced and unwanted, again and again.

      I have watched the video. You had to turn the portrait off manually, too. This is not a good idea.

      • Dugi

        @fordahord, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you mean the model viewer? click on the yellow button to turn this off.

        • fordahord

          “Model viewer”? Perhaps, I don’t have a name for it. It’s usually the person to whom I have to turn in the quest. Sometimes it’s on and sometimes it’s off.

          At your word, I tried clicking on the yellow button, and the picture disappeared. Now, will it stay off? That remains to be seen. At least you’ve put me on the right track.

          Thank you so much for the excellent service I always receive at Dugi’s Guide.

    • Joelorian

      Another great update, thanks Dugi!

    • Jason

      Love these guides and they keep getting better and better!

    • Mike

      Looks like another winner, Dugi. Thanks for continuing to improve the tool. I depend on it to enhance my game play.

    • Katherya

      Dugi…as always I enjoy knowing you and your staff are hard at work figguring out improved ways to enjoy a guide I already highly reccomend. One question…is there a way to ‘lock’ the setting I choose? Seems like sometimes when I log in they are not what I have chosen.
      Thank you

      • Dugi

        @Katherya, That should be done automatically and you can also save your setting using the Profile options.

        Make sure you always exit the game using the exit or logout button and not forced by ALT-F4 or Closing the window, because that won’t save your settings.

    • Honey lynn

      thanks once again for being the best at what you do.. your guides can be used by all ages and level of experience .. I have never had a second thought about buying your product.. well worth every cent..

    • Dave Giggy

      More than anything I am impressed by the ongoing attention you pay to your product and customers.
      You never let us down and are always thinking of our enjoyment and productivity.
      In this time of ‘fly by night’ operators, you are a marvel.
      Many, many thanks for an ethical, productive job.

    • Robert E. Shipley

      As always, excellent work thank you guys. You guys are the best!

    • Scott

      Another great addition. I am already using multi-step and love it! Thank you very much for keeping the guide fresh.

    • wulfgardr

      I really like this new feature, gives a lot of ways to make the wonderful guides look like we prefer. For example, I do enjoy a more detailed guide while leveling, but when doing dailies on my level 90 I go for a more minimal setting – and this new preset feature is really a great help indeed. Once again you did a wonderful job, thanks a lot :-).

    • Gary Proudman

      Another great improvement, I could not imagine playing wow without the Dugi guides. Keep up the excellent work,

      • Khemical

        I wish Blizzard had the same level of creativity and attention to detail as Dugi’s crew! really love this addon for many years now ..you guys really do awesome work thank you.

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