You may or may not be aware that our website was down for almost 24 hours yesterday and I would like to apologize for the down time.

Normally we would notify a long downtime via email as well but even our newsletter provider was also down and we couldn’t send out any email. The event was a massive network outage that affected a lot of websites and not just ours.

While this rarely happens, I think this is a good time to remind everybody that the best way to hear the latest news from us during a server downtime is always from our facebook page @

With that aside our server is now back on line, without any known issue.

While I have your attention, here are some more sneak peek on our latest project the NPC Journal.

We’re working hard to get this new features and guides out soon as possible, and we’re making good progress. The NPC Journal became a much bigger project that what we originally anticipated as we kept coming up with new ideas to make it better.

These are just some screenshots which doesn’t really do much justice to how awesome we think this is… but we will explain the entire feature soon with a video presentation.

Some notable things in the screenshots are

  • The new guides options Elites, Mounts, Pets and Bosses.
  • Bosses guides will cover just about all dungeon bosses and raid boss strategy for MoP and separate tab for each role. (raid content from previous expansions won’t be covered for now)
  • New hyperlinks to add all sort of nice details to the guides. eg,
    mouse hover on a NPC name will show the NPC model in a tool tip
    mouse hover on an item or spell will display the item information.
    and more hyperlinks covering faction detail, achievement, quests.
  • Clickable waypoints in the guides.
  • All the NPCs are searchable by their name using the Search Guides feature.
  • Uncollected pets and mounts names in darker colour to easily identify between collected and uncollected from the list.




Ok I hope you enjoy the new preview.

Yours Truly

PS. We’re  planning on a early release perhaps to limited number of customers so we can get some feedback and suggestions on improvements as we polish the guides, stay tuned to our newsletters 🙂

    21 replies to "More NPC Journal Preview"

    • Brenda

      off the subject. Do you guys work with windows 8 yet?

      • Dugi

        hi, it has always work for windows 8, contact our tech support if its not working for you.

    • Ralf Schmand

      Great, I’m keen to see it on my PC :-))

    • Brad

      Wonderful update. I’m excited for it. May I make a quick suggestion? How about a little option in the addon, which can direct you quickly to all of the major area’s or cities. I’m still new to the game, but I’m constantly having friends ask me to meet them, and I can’t figure out for the life of me on how to get there or where to start. Other than that, I’m extremely happy with your guides.

    • John

      Have you come anywhere near deciding on a price for this new addition yet? I would expect it to be somewhat more than what the model-viewer was, but not too much more…?

    • Wall

      Looks very nice 🙂

      • Jace

        Looking awesome guys, cant wait to use it!

    • Steve Stremplewski

      I am a dedicated user of Dugi Guides. PLEASE include me if possible in the early release of the newest addition to Dugi Guides.
      Thnak you very much for the help that they have provided and also have made the game much more enjoyable and less frustrating.

      Thanks again,

    • Prophet

      Looking forward to buy this as well 🙂

    • davidm30

      Will dugi Loyalty Program members cover NPC Journal feature when it comes out?

      • Dugi

        It’s not included with the Loyalty program.

    • DugiForTheWin

      I’m so glad to see a “Clear” option for the guide 🙂 I would be honored to test out the new guides if you still need people 🙂 Thanks for all the updates, hard work and effort you put into the guides.

    • fdgiggy

      I assumed the servers were down and am very pleased you got things up and running so quickly.

      Very impressed with the additions to your new interface. I am a long time Dugi fan and this will enable me to drop a few addons. Addons always make me spooky because when problems arise one never know if they are the cause or not.
      That has never been a problem for me with your Guides.

      Thanks for your excellence.

    • SHJordan

      Hopefully i’ll get into the early release! :3

    • denzildk

      you’d proboly want to have uncollectet pets and mounts in the white and they gray them out as they’r collectet, as the white catches the eye much better than the gray, and people are more likely to want to look for pet’s or mounts they have not collectet than the once they already have.

      • Dugi

        that makes sense but some how doesn’t “feel” right.. because of what we’re used to, eg the blizzard pet journal is the same. Uncollected pet is in grey while collected is in colour. We will give it more thought thanks for the suggestion.

    • Don

      I want in on the beta!! It looks soooo cool!!

    • rakunay1

      Is it free?

      • Dugi

        there will be additional cost for everybody.

      • Brad

        C’mon man, how is he supposed to make money if he just gave out his coding brilliance for free?

    • Rodney Carter

      I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the NPC Journal.

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